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The life-changing magic of shaking your a$$

Hello, friend. Quick question.

Do you ever shake dat ass?

I’m not talking about a flirty sway from side to side. No sweet little shimmy.

I mean really shake that ass — like wiggle, jiggle, bounce. Wild and free.

You should try it. It’ll change your life.

Having a bad day? Shake it off.​

Somebody piss you off? Work it.

Feeling unwanted? Invisible? Overlooked?

Go find a mirror. Look deep into your eyes. Turn around, stick it out. Wiggle, jiggle, bounce…while gazing straight into your soul.

Hot. Damn.

Can’t nobody tell you shit when you’re twerkin!

It’s mind-body magic all the way turned up.

Instant deprogramming. Feminist AF.

Drop that shit out of your head, down into your body, and fling it into the universe.

Let loose. Get free.

But look here, homie. We gotta talk about something first. I don’t want you out here hurting yourself.​

And this isn’t about shaming. It’s not about doing it wrong or getting it right.

But there’s an art to the twerk. It takes skill and practice.

The problem is, we’ve been trained NOT to be free in our own bodies our whole damn life.

Suck it in. Close your legs. Keep it tight. Be ladylike.

Biiihhhhhh….no wonder…

They don’t want us to be great. To feel the divine feminine power of that ass. To unleash the free spirit within.

Don’t worry; I got you.

We’ll get that booty bouncin. We’ll get you free.

School of Sexy

​Booty on Lockdown – Enroll for only $25 today.​

Through six instructional videos and one stretch sequence, learn a delightful handful of beginner- to advanced-level booty skills! Get those cupcakes bouncing, that laffy-taffy shaking, and that smile shining–we’re going to have a blast! Each video has a run time of roughly ten minutes.

What are you waiting for? You’ll love this. Nobody even has to know.

You work on you, for you. And before you know it, you’ll be workin’ it like a pro. Wild and free.

Are you in? Go here to get your Booty on Lockdown.

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