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The world’ll get ya down. It’s *literally* my job to lift ya back up!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good time.

Nah, strike that. I do know about you; you love a damn good time too.

But when you’re out here handling grown-ass woman responsibilities every day, so much of the stuff that masquerades as a good time is actually quite dull and hardly does you a damn bit of good.

We might squeeze in a few laughs, here and there. Some stolen moments of levity. Sprinkles of nourishment. But there’s a whole lotta blah in between.

In the unending seriousness and stress of life, rarely do we get to truly let loose, experience wild, free, unburdened joy and relaxation.

To dance, sing, laugh, play, and slip-n-slide — fully liberated, tits out!

I’m talking life-changing, soul-quaking, belly-laughing, body-loving good times…immersed in luxury.

I dreamt of such. Hungered for it. Lusted after the idea.

Then I realized, ‘whoa, girl, it’s on you. You gotta make this shit happen!’

I wanted to create epic getaways, full of adventure, with like-minded women of all shapes, sizes, complexions, and occupations.

And so I did it, and I keep doing it, and it’s been oh so badass good.

You can watch the video here.

We just wrapped up our latest round of retreats — Stripcabana in Costa Rica — and damn if it doesn’t keep getting better.

I hope you join us next time. Bring your ass, girlfriend. Your tits too!

Go here to get on the waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when the next one opens up.

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