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a wild ass wonderful adventure…

If I told you back in the day I was going to quit my job as an English professor to host week-long parties with wild women in mansions, you’d have probably written me off as crazy.

And if I said I was gonna make three times the money I ever made teaching?

‘Yep. That bitch is nuts.’

Hell, I even wondered if I might be caught up in some heady delusion.

But I’d made my other daydreams come true, so why not this one?

Thing is, this one was different.

It wasn’t about me proving myself.

Not like getting a Ph.D. to show them I was more than a pretty face and a killer ass. Or touring the globe as a world-class exotic dancer. And it was no ‘told you so’ to anyone who ever judged my life choices.

This dream was bigger than me. It was about YOU — learning who the hell you are, loving her, and nurturing her into greatness.

So your girl made it come true — for me and for you, homie.

Check us out.

Stripcabana 2021 in Costa Rica was a wild ass wonderful adventure.

Hearts opened, secrets shared, bonds created….

So many laughs, as well as a few tears….

Lap dances galore, loving appreciation of one another with no shame and no fear….

If you’re up for frolicking on the beach, hanging out with monkeys, and dancing through the night with naked ladies…join us in the jungle next time, or for one of our other getaways.

Go here to learn all about Stripcraft Retreats, and get on the waiting list. We’ll let you know as soon as registration opens up again.

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