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Embrace your fire.

We live in a world in which women are so imbued with shame that we deny our fire and badassery.

I wish for a world where your wildness, your fire–doesn’t need to be deleted.

Where there’s no desire for redemption–because you are already holy.

I want a world where the most powerful parts of you can be on full display..

Your differences celebrated. Judgment erased. Strength embraced.

A world where you don’t have to beg for someone to love you. (That shit’s unnecessary. It’s beneath you. It’s undignified.)

No need to beg when you deserve a feast–

Yes, you, just as you are.

I’ve been preaching this word for a minute now. My homie The Trap Witch and I had a conversation about this (and more) back in the day. But if you’re new around here– you probably missed that.

So here we go. Watch us now; she’s AMAAAAZING.

Baby, this is about us–for us. Women sharing and embracing it all.

We have to do this for ourselves.

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