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Good for nothing…

Has anyone ever told you you’re good for nothing?

Good for nothing but sex…

Good for nothing but trouble…

Good for nothing but flipping burgers…

Looking pretty. Getting drunk. Scooping dog shit. Daydreaming. Making babies. Doodling. Shaking your ass. Scrubbing toilets. Spouting off random pop culture trivia facts.

Yeah, they tried that shit on me too. Didn’t work.

I’ll take “fuck you” for $500, Alex.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now — you ain’t good for nothin!

And you’re not good for nothing but whatever that asshole said you’re good for.

You, homie, are good for whatever the hell you damn well decide you want to be good for, and then some.

Maybe you’re good for sex AND you make a mighty fine cherry pie to eat afterward.

You’re good for trouble — good trouble — the kind where you stand up for yourself and other people with big, sassy, powerful fuck you’s to the powers that be.

You’re good for flipping burgers AND tarot cards…and your TikToks are gonna make you a viral goddess sensation any day now.

Looking pretty and launching rocket ships.
Getting drunk, on occasion, to celebrate big wins.
Scooping dog shit while on the phone closing major deals.
Daydreaming and doodling your way to a bestseller.
Making babies and raising them to be amazing humans.
Shaking your ass and coding apps.
Scrubbing toilets and traveling the world.

Sharing pop culture trivia facts and — oh, by the way — you have your own gallery show opening next week.

Whatever you want.
Whoever you’d like to be.

Even if you’re good for nothing but watching Netflix and taking selfies…that’s on you, girl.

Your choice. Your life. And you can change your mind tomorrow.

Fuck what they say.

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