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Get yo’ coochie to the floor!

I know y’all have a wide variety of dreams and goals! So over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you through a few hypothetical journeys of what your experience at The Salon might look like.

You join us for your first ever Salon Hours, and during that time, you name your first specific, measurable, achievable, relevant-to-your-big-picture, time-bound goal: to become a sensual movement instructor at a local studio by April 2023.

However, you realize this will take many steps to get there–you need to improve your flexibility, stamina, memory for choreography, as well as increase your visibility among your potential clients. All of these steps feel overwhelming–but you’re finally ready to tackle them, one by one. And so you decide that right now, you’re going to focus on flexibility. In fact, you’re already halfway to getting your splits. You decide during our first Salon Hour that achieving the splits is something you could reasonably do within the next six weeks, if you train for thirty minutes, three times a week. You now have a measurable goal and a due date! You spend the rest of this evening’s Salon Hours finding a few good flexibility routines you can follow along with online. You’re actually doing the thing!

Next Wednesday, you are ready to jump into your flexibility training. You’ve got your videos cued up and you’re ready to spend this week’s Salon Hours stretching! You’ve already knocked out one 30-minute session this week; tonight’s Salon Hours counts for two! When it’s time to kick it with the homies in the break-out rooms, you’re excited to show off your progress–you’re only two inches from the floor!

Next Monday, Luxy releases a member-lead mini-lesson to your cohort. Lucky for you, it’s a 20-minute yoga flow led by one of your buddies from last week’s break-out room. What a great opportunity to further your flexibility goal this week!

The next Wednesday, you’re feeling a bit down because, despite training, you’re still two inches from the floor. You ask for support from your fellow Salon buds during our first chatty fifteen minutes. A fellow member who is a bendy-babe tells you that such plateaus are a common part of the experience. You feel re-energized to stay the course! You spend the rest of the Salon Hour doing a meditation/flexibility session in which you relax your mind as well as your body…and by the end of the hour, you swear you’ve gotten a little deeper in your splits!

Next Wednesday, it’s time for Sensual Movement with Luxy! After a yummy warm-up, Lux leads you through some legwork on the floor. Just what the doctor ordered for you to show off your flexibility gains–and practice your dance skills! You are so excited by how cool you look in the mirror that you add an extra flexibility session to your 3-times-a-week goal–look at you, overachiever!

Finally, it’s the final Sunday of the month–time for the Bad and Bougie Brunch! You can’t wait to attend–because this event is all about celebrating and dancing yo ass off–and you certainly have a lot to celebrate! You are happy to announce to your fellow Salon buddies that you are now only one inch away from the floor, and it’s looking like you will beat your goal of six weeks and achieve full splits any day now! You’re so fired up about your gains that you volunteer for the spotlight and dance to your favorite song to the cheers of your fellow Salon babes!

By the end of your first month in The Salon, you have outlined a plan to reach your overarching goal of becoming a sensual movement instructor by April 2023, and you have nearly conquered your first step in that plan. You now see that with intention and commitment, you can count on yourself to make big things happen. You are excited to accomplish the splits, and then move on to your next goal–building your stamina. You will be a dance instructor in no time!

And that’s only the beginning.

Does this process of naming and committing to your dream sound like it’s worth the price of one single GrubHub order this month?

If so, CLICK HERE and join us now.

See you in The Salon.

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