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Start your meditation practice at The Salon!

I know y’all have a wide variety of dreams and goals! So today I’m going to share one more hypothetical journey of what your experience at The Salon might look like.



You join us for your first ever Salon Hours, and during that time, you name your first specific, measurable, achievable, relevant-to-your-big-picture, time-bound goal: to meditate for twenty minutes at a time, five times a week, over the next four weeks–starting tonight. You realize you need a guide for this meditation journey, and so after asking for recommendations from your fellow Salon babes, you decide to download the Headspace app. Hell–you decide to invest in the premium version–because you’re taking this journey seriously! You’ve been too stressed out for too long. You spend the remainder of our parallel play time meditating with Andy from Headspace as your guide. You close out that evening feeling grounded, calm–and accomplished.

Next Wednesday, you arrive to Salon Hours feeling refreshed–you’ve met your weekly goal of five twenty-minute meditation sessions this week, and you’re ready to do a little extra credit tonight! You spend tonight’s Salon Hours by first, reading an article about the power of meditation, and second, by meditating for the sixth time this week! From your increasing patience with your coworkers to your deeper sleep, you are already feeling the positive effects of this practice in your life. When it’s time to kick it with the homies in the break-out rooms, you’re excited to share what you’ve gained from this practice already–and you manage to convince a couple of Salon buddies to try out meditation themselves!

The next Wednesday, you’re feeling a bit down because you only meditated two times this week. You ask for support from your fellow Salon buds during our first chatty fifteen minutes. A fellow member who has also fallen off her personal journey makes a pact with you to recommit tonight with no guilt, only optimism! You spend the rest of the Salon Hour meditating with Headspace–this time, you dive into a full thirty-minute meditation–and by the end of the hour, you are more relaxed than you have been all week, and re-energized to recommit to your goal!

Next Wednesday, it’s time for Sensual Movement with Luxy! After a yummy warm-up, Lux leads you through some booty-bouncing that has you cracking up before the hour is over! You’re sweaty and happy by the time class ends–and decide to spend the next half-hour unwinding with a meditation on your yoga mat.

Finally, it’s the final Sunday of the month–time for the Bad and Bougie Brunch! You can’t wait to attend–because this event is all about celebrating and dancing yo ass off–and you certainly have a lot to celebrate! You are happy to announce to your fellow Salon buddies that you have now created a routine of meditation that is becoming as natural to you as brushing your teeth in the morning.

By the end of your first month in The Salon, you have established a meditation practice that already has you feeling more grounded and content than you have in years. You now see that with intention and commitment, you can count on yourself to make big things happen. You sign up for a week-long meditation retreat next summer–and you’re not afraid to invest that money, because you know you can count on yourself to take it seriously.

And that’s only the beginning.

Does this process of naming and committing to your dream sound like it’s worth the price of one single GrubHub order this month?

If so, CLICK HERE and join us now.

See you in The Salon.

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