If we could spend a weekend together in Atlanta–just the two of us–sharing secrets, dreaming dreams, moving our bodies, and feeding our souls–

what would be on your must-do list?

Introducing Luxe ATL!

“My Lux ATL weekend was one I will forever cherish. It was absolutely wonderful to get to know you more.

My favorite parts of the weekend includes; the long walk on the Boardwalk talking about everything from work to families, husbands, dancing, dreams, fears, and triumphs, and the dancing. I have never felt so free to express myself dancing as I did to the song when you taped me. That was the first time I felt confident with dance. Wow.”



Luxe ATL

Get honest. Get raw. Forget the small talk. I want to know what’s in your heart. The story you’re afraid to tell. The truth that’s dying to get out. The song in your throat. 

Let’s get in touch with our bodies, our souls, our desires. Let’s rediscover pleasure. 

Let’s do it together. I’ll be your guide. 

Picture it: morning coffee in leg warmers, rolling around my studio floor…photoshoots and video shoots, make-up and wigs…lacy outfits and heels….cocktails and decadent meals (we always say yes to dessert)…

Picture it: feeling sexy. Feeling alive.

This is your weekend. This is for you. This is a spa for your heart. You have my full attention.

 What happens on a Luxe ATL weekend?

Each weekend will be tailored specifically to the desires and interests of each guest –but all guests at Luxe ATL can expect the following goodies:

  • Two nights luxe hotel accommodations 
  • A high-end dining experience
  • Generous time allocated for intimate, loving, one-on-one mentorship in the art of reclaiming your life, your body, your sensuality  
  • An afternoon of growth and adventure
  • An evening of hedonistic pleasure

Fill your belly with delicious meals as we share laughs and plot dreams before we hit the town for a night of delight in the cosmopolitan capital of the South! 

Each experience will be customized to the desires of each guest…

We can spend the day identifying your desires and mapping out a journey of fulfillment. We can examine what’s holding you back and discover ways to overcome your blocks. We can explore new ways to move your body and feel sexy. We can shoot a video that captures the realest, most beautiful you. We can have a selfie session guaranteed to make you feel amazing–modelling together or solo! We can find the best wig for your alter identity–complete with lingerie to match! We can explore the sights of this amazing city I know like the back of my hand…. The focus of the weekend is up to you–and you will have your chance to make your requests before I start planning!

Get ready to flirt, feast, giggle, and jiggle with ya girl in the A.

And then in the evening…

I think what I appreciated the most about my experience is that it gave me a chance to get to know the woman behind the beautiful face. It was nice to get to know Lux as a person instead of a personality. She was so open, honest, and willing to answer my questions (I had been dying to pick her brain to find out how she came to influence so many women). I wanted to know how she got where she was, and she was very helpful in making me realize that any dream I have is achievable.

During our time together, she helped me ignite a spark inside myself again. I used to be an artist, and she encouraged me to experiment and play. As a result, I have created more art in the past couple of months than I have in several years.

Other than that, the accommodations were wonderful, including the food we shared and getting to see some of Atlanta.

I am very grateful for having the experience and hope to be able to have it again.

Annabel Marie

Luxe ATL

A Typical Itinerary



On Friday evening, you’ll get settled into your lush accommodations and then join me for a luxurious dinner on the town. Tonight, we plot our work and play for the weekend!


I’ll come scoop you up Saturday morning to start a day of moving our bodies and stretching our spirits with one-on-one activities and opportunities designed to fit your desires.

After a full workday together, we’ll take a breather to get gussied up for our big girls’ night out–destinations selected with your tastes in mind!


Sunday morning, you’ll head home, filled with confidence and wearing a grin a mile wide.

Does this jet-settin,’ big-ideas-babe sound like you?

If so, apply here!

Once you make your deposit, the planning begins! I’ll send you a questionnaire to help me understand your goals, desires, and tastes in order to show you a LUXE weekend designed just for you! 

I look forward to sharing my city with you.

Most of my life is spent putting on a show or a different face. I love that any time I have spent with Lux, I never have to do that. I have been given the space to be the truest me. I also always come away with a new appreciation of women, myself, art, and life in general.

Lacy (Cupcake)

“Well, the weekend absolutely did NOT disappoint! I got exactly what I’d asked for, and SO MUCH more; Friday night I checked into the swank hotel she’d booked for me, then enjoyed a delicious meal with Lux (just the two of us?! swoon). Saturday morning she treated me to a peak into her life – I joined her on her morning walk, learned a bit of choreo for morning movement (low-key to keep it doable for my not-so-well-loved mama-bod, but a total blast to follow along with), and enjoyed a bit of quiet writing time together in her studio. Then we headed out for the “main event” – a day of pampering, chatting, and leisurely hanging at the Korean spa! I have never in my life had a more pleasurable day of “work”… lounging in the hot tub, getting a massage, being scrubbed pink and smooth like a newborn babe, all while talking business and life with a wickedly smart woman. (It did not hurt that she’s drop dead gorgeous as well… did I mention the spa is fully nood? It is. I was NOT complaining).

After a VERY full day of taking it easy and absorbing exactly the nuggets of wisdom I needed to hear, we got ourselves dolled up – in a casual way – and headed out for fancy drinks (poured by some rather handsome bartenders… again, totally not complaining ;). I’m pretty sure we got some sort of dinner as well, but I’ll be honest – I mostly just remember gorgeous bartenders, delicious drinks, and the joy of hanging out with an amazing woman. 

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had spent an entire day being pampered and cared for, which, it turns out, I *desperately* needed (and thanks to Lux, actually felt deserving of… no small feat considering the amount of mom-guilt I suffer from whenever I try to do something nice for myself).

It’s been about 7 months since my weekend with Lux, and I *still* think back to my time in Atlanta, remembering the wisdom, remembering the pampering… remembering the feeling of actually *deserving* to be pampered. I’d do it again in a heartbeat – though, maybe with a *bit* more heaux-tastic fun this time 😉


What do YOU want to do?