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Make It Happen

You have a big, scary dream–and you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you just have an incredible, undeniable talent–but you don’t know what to do with it. 

Either way, you’ve got a fire inside, but for whatever reason, you have not taken the steps to bring your dream into fruition, to tap your talent to its fullest potential. 

Dreams are beautiful and talent is precious, but what you need is a plan.

Set a clear goal. Create a concrete deadline. Map out a plan of action. Put it on the schedule. 

That’s how you make shit happen.

I know, because I live it. 

Let me teach you how–and get you kick-started on your journey to actually accomplishing those sweet dreams–at my upcoming virtual workshops, Make It Happen.

What’s your dream?

  • Do you dream of starting your own business?
  • Becoming a songwriter?
  • Publishing an essay in The New York Times? (or your own damn blog)
  • Sitting down to scratch-made dinner with your family every night?

No matter the dream–at Make It Happen, you will put the wheels in motion. 

At Make it Happen, you will get your shit together over the course of two afternoons by nailing down a challenging-yet-doable goal to focus on, while creating a customized plan-of-action (and clear due date!) for accomplishing that goal.  

Each day, enjoy an in-depth workshop that combines both direct, no-nonsense instruction from Lux and guided time to put your knowledge into practice.

Make It Happen…

with a dollar and a dream.

make it happen…

with a dollar, a dream and a specific, measurable, attainable goal – plus a plan of action to crush that goal, step by step.

Here’s your schedule*:

A Worthwhile Goal

Thursday, Jul 21, 2022
8pm – 9.30pm ET

Take Action

Friday, Jul 22, 2022
8pm – 9.30pm ET

*While these workshops work best in tandem, they can be purchased separately.

A Worthwhile Goal

Thursday, Jul 21, 2022
8pm – 9.30pm ET

This workshop will help you determine a SMART goal to pursue. You will walk away with a clear, actionable goal with a due date, and a feeling of commitment and optimism on the completion of this goal.

‘SMART’ is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant (to your overall goal), and Time-bound. SMART goals will lead you, step by step, into the achievement of your larger vision.

So, what do we mean by these criteria?

Specific: The goal should be clear, with no room for misinterpretation. 

Measurable: The goal should be quantifiable. You can clearly discern when you have achieved that goal or not.

Achievable: The goal should challenge you–but not be impossible. Unrealistic goals will only set you up for frustration.

Relevant: The goal should contribute to your larger vision, your overall goal.

Time-bound: The goal should have a defined start date as well as a clear due date.

Why Are SMART Goals Important? 

When you use the SMART criteria, you create a clear, precise plan of exactly what you wish to achieve. You understand exactly what you need to do–and why you need to do it–in order to reach your goal. You feel challenged, but also capable. You eliminate overwhelm and confusion.

By the end of the workshop, you will have learned how to create a SMART goal, determined what kind of SMART goal will contribute to the fruition of your dream, and nailed down a clear target with a due date.

A Worthwhile Goal
Workshop 1

Thursday, Jul 21, 2022
8pm – 9.30pm ET

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Take action
workshop 2

Friday, Jul 22, 2022
8pm – 9.30pm ET

If you give yourself three months to accomplish a goal, that goal will take three months to accomplish.

If you give yourself forever to accomplish a goal, that goal will take forever to accomplish.

Let’s take the guesswork out of our journey to our SMART goal and draw the map to get you there! 

In “Take Action,” Luxy will guide you in a simple methodology for breaking down your goal into bite-sized pieces and putting them on a schedule that ends with success! Strap in for the sexy work of creating checklists, assignments, and due-dates. Let’s take that SMART goal and build a reasonable and actionable plan for completing it! 

I spent thirteen years in higher education. During that time, I learned that I would be the only person responsible for my success, and that being responsible meant organizing my own time around my goals. Not only was no one going to accomplish my dreams for me–no one was going to tell me how to do it, either. I learned how to take a big assignment, break it down into smaller pieces, make realistic decisions on timeframe, and create a dated list that bit-by-bit took me on the journey of accomplishing my goals.

I have written one memoir, a dissertation, a master’s thesis, and a 52-episode narrative podcast in this manner. I am now in the thick of producing a true-crime podcast for iHeartRadio that is my most complex project to date. Not a single one of these is a small feat.

However, I was able to divide them each into smaller feats that together added up to a major accomplishment. 

I can show you how. 

In “Take Action,” we’ll begin with methodological instruction from yours truly, complete with examples to clarify, followed by devoted time to develop your own plan of action.


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Start these workshops with a goal in mind; walk away with a checklist and due-dates that lead to the completion of that goal. 

Today, we create a true plan of action.

Enter Make It Happen with an idea, a dream, a nebulous fantasy.

Leave Make It Happen with a specific, measurable, attainable goal plus a plan of action to crush that goal, step-by-step.  

Everything great I accomplish happens in this way.

Investment: $77.77 each or $125 for both.

While these workshops work best in tandem, they can be purchased separately.

Can’t attend both sessions? You can save a seat in each individual session below. While these workshops work best in tandem, you will still benefit from the content as a stand alone workshop.

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