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My Clients.

Women from all walks of life attend my retreats, but they all share one thing in common –

The boldness to pursue a life lived on their own terms.

What kind of women attend my workshops, events, retreats, and online courses?

They are smart, kind, strong, brave, loving, inspirational–and they look forward to welcoming you into the sisterhood!

Meet a few of these great gals below…

“I remember having breakfast with a good friend when Lux opened registration for the first ever Stripcraft workshop. I booked my flight to Atlanta, and purchased my ticket in one swoop, because I knew it was going to sell out. And of course it was an amazing experience!! My work is centered in helping women reconnect to their bodies, by strengthening confidence and increasing their ability to experience pleasure. So I am deeply grateful for the times when I slow down and unravel as a student. Over the years I’ve seen her embody this relentless audacity and I wanted more of that as a dancer. What I found was so much more than I could have ever hoped for or expected. Sisterhood. Remembering of my wildness. Rest. Restored Inspiration. Grit. Grateful to know this powerhouse of a woman, and also to call her my friend.”

Rashida KhanBey Miller (Rashi), CAlifornia

Creator of The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method

 “I first met Lux when I attended the Stripcraft workshop. After this initial workshop, I knew that the philosophy Lux espoused was one that I need more of in my life. I signed up for StripCamp [an earlier incarnation of the Strip-retreats] on a whim, and made lifelong friends with the other women who shared the weekend with me at Lux’s HOME. The Stripcabin retreat really intrigued me, the description of no responsibilities for the weekend and just luxuriating with friendly women sounded amazing–and it WAS amazing. Life-changing really. The women I have met through Lux’s retreats have all really clicked and I didn’t realize until then how much I needed a squad of smart, open-hearted, supportive women in my life.”

Stephanie, Chicago, IL

Public opinion pollster

“I first met Lux ATL at a Stripcraft workshop in Vacaville, CA. The Stripcraft Sermon still resonates with me today, so much so that I have “No Shame, No Fear, No Apologies, Just Love” tattooed on my right arm.

I have since attended Stripcabin 2018, Stripcabana 2018 and am registered to attend Stripcoven 2019. The most wonderful benefit I have received from these experiences is my new and continued feelings of confidence as a woman; a strong, sexy, worthy woman. My experiences exposed me to women who I may have never otherwise had the privilege of meeting. The feeling of total and absolute acceptance at the retreats is nothing I have ever felt in any other situation. The attitude of zero judgments is enlightening and beautiful.”

Melody, Lincoln, Ca


 “I’ve participated in two of Lux’s retreats. I think I was looking for permission to do what I wanted when I found Lux. I didn’t have many role models who were women and also who had followed their own dreams. Hearing someone strong speak to the struggles I was experiencing made me feel strong. Lux helped me feel that I had the permission to do what I care about the most. Since then, I’ve felt more secure in my desires and goals. I feel a higher sense of self-efficacy. Also, I gained an amazing and true friend who has been there for me in my darkest hour.”

Claire, Wisconsin


 “After taking Lux’s infamous ‘Stripcraft’ workshop many times and getting to know her over the years, I decided to attend the ‘Stripcoast’ retreat in 2018.

Although I’m quite comfortable in large groups of people, I much prefer a good cup of tea and talking about life, the universe and everything into the small hours of the morning. When Lux announced a new retreat that was more focused on creating writing and storytelling, I knew on a soul level that I needed to be there. To connect with other women in a safe, supportive environment, far away from home, to have nothing to do other than drink that beloved tea, to share my story and to be witnessed, and to hold that same space for others; that was what I wanted.

I had the best fun getting back to creative writing, which is something that I had not done since I was a teenager. I used to love creative writing, but having had a school-teacher that knocked that joy out of me, I felt that my writing sucked and I had best give up that hobby. I feel confident and am inspired to express myself through writing again; the support and guidance from Lux and the other women on the retreat changed the narrative for me. I also felt rejuvenated after several days spent in a beautiful secluded house with excellent food, watching the sunrise and having the best soul-baring chats with the other guests.”

Arlene, Kilkenny, Ireland

Professional Dancer and Studio Owner

“Stripcraft was my first introduction to Lux up close and personal. It was an amazing experience that I had initially felt reluctant to attend because I was uncomfortable with being sexy or moving sexy in front of others. Stripcabin was something that Lux offered to me following the tragic loss of my youngest daughter. I didn’t know what to expect–however, when I arrived and started to get engaged, there were so many aspects to this retreat from writing exercises, to just letting go and sharing and interacting with individuals from all walks of life. In both the Stripcraft workshop and the retreat Lux, shared her life experiences and made me comfortable to share mine. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of both.”

Regina, St. Louis, MO

Director of Information Technology

“After taking her Stripcraft workshop in Nashville, I attended LuxATL’s StripCabana retreat in March 2018. I was looking for a chance to get away from everything and reconnect with myself and other like minded women. I was looking for an adventure and a chance to let down my guard and be truly me. And holy shit, this did not disappoint! It was worth every penny to spend a week away in the jungle. Honestly, I didn’t know anyone but Lux going into this, but it didn’t matter. I made lifelong friends and found true sisterhood among excursions and poolside conversations. I have twice now connected with fellow Cabana babes in others cities. I cannot express how much this retreat helped to reset my life and my relationship with myself. Lux cultivates an environment where women can be themselves, authentically, and express themselves in a safe and loving space. It was healing and invigorating. ”

Bridgette, Nashville, TN

Program Manager

 “A few years ago I attended the original Stripcraft in Louisville, KY, thanks to my pole dancing instructor. Afterwards, I started following Lux more regularly on social media, realizing she’s really into women’s empowerment, which is what I needed. When she first started organizing Stripcabin and similar events, I knew I wanted to go… really, really badly. Finally, I got the courage and enough money, so I signed up for Stripcabin 2018. It ended up one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. It was revealing, cleansing, raw, real, and true. I was able to just be myself, without being judged and evaluated for everything I say or do. Still one of my most valuable memories is one of the last pictures taken after the final workshop in the Stripcabin: me and Lux hugging, both crying. That moment made me truly, fully realize she’s just a human with her own traumas and difficulties, which she was able to use to help and empower others, and for that I will be always grateful.”

Jadwiga, Louiseville, KY


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