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If you’re looking to awaken your inner firecracker on the adventure of a lifetime, join me and a dozen of your newest friends at Stripcraft retreat!

Enjoy a smorgasbord of luxury and pleasure at a variety of gorgeous locations around the world….

Each Stripcraft retreat invites you to strip down to your most authentic self on as many levels as you dare. Strip away the limiting narratives you’ve been telling yourself. Forget about what you thought was impossible. Dance with the parts of yourself that you’ve repressed. Strip down the walls you’re hiding behind. Dare to move, laugh, dance–with no shame, no fear, no apologies, just love!

You come to a Stripcraft retreat because:

  • You’ve lost your spark
  • You’ve repressed your desires
  • You’ve lost touch with your body, your femininity, your sensuality

You leave a Stripcraft retreat with:

  • A new confidence and lightness of spirit
  • Courage to seize the opportunities that await you
  • A sense of pleasure and delight in your body, mind, and soul

Want to attend a Stripcraft Retreat?

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    Every Stripcraft retreat offers uniquely unforgettable experiences…

    Some retreats feature dance parties and talent shows, others offer creative writing workshops and storytelling sessions, while others take us on wild adventures in nature and beyond. Whether you’re looking to boogie the night away in a luxurious lodge in the Smokey Mountains at Stripcabin, share stories by the ocean at Stripcoast in the Outer Banks, brave the suspension bridge to reach the waterfalls at Stripcabana in Costa Rica, live deliciously in The Big Easy at Stripcoven New Orleans, learn about the witch trials as we walk the fabled cobblestone streets at Stripcoven Salem…You can choose your own adventure when selecting the retreat that is right for you.

    “This trip was absolutely life altering. The sisterhood shared in such a beautiful paradise. Dancing with sisters under colorful sunsets and party lights. Sharing secrets, laughs, tears, in the pool or on the beach. I felt like I had permission to be me. Thank you Lux ATL for facilitating such a magical, once in a lifetime experience. Thank you to all of the women who joined me in this and let me be exactly who I am. No shame. No fear. No apologies. Just love.”

    Maggie, West Virginia

    Stripcabana 2018

    Perhaps you’re wondering–

    What kind of woman attends these retreats? Will I fit in?

    Women from all walks of life travel from all over the world to join us! These women range in profession from pediatrician to mortician to full-time mom, and rock a rainbow of complexions and body types. No expertise of any kind is necessary to reap the fruits of this transformative experience!

    “Today I woke up, worked a full day, went to the dance studio, and set up my journal again. I made a plan for fixing my shit. And I set up a separate savings account with an automatic deduction plan to get me to Stripcabin again next year because I just can’t imagine missing this now. It’s fixing me in places I didn’t know were broken.


    So, what’s included?

    Everything you need for your pleasure, growth, comfort, and fellowship. Gorgeous scenery. Delicious food provided by our private chef. Luxurious accommodations – shared or solo, you decide. Workshops with Lux and guest experts designed to inspire action in the pursuit of your dearest goals. One-on-one time with Lux to dive into your vision more thoroughly. A photo shoot by an intuitive photographer who truly sees you. Not to mention–a one-hour massage, an all-access pass to the many amenities our luxury locations offer, and adventures you’ll never forget!

    At a Stripcraft retreat, you might parade behind a brass band down the streets of New Orleans…or watch wild horses play along the shores of the Outer Banks…or gaze at the sunset on a boat cruise in Costa Rica…and end your day with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, relaxing by the hot tub, pool, or fireplace…

    The laughs never end, and the views can’t be beat.

    Get ready to open your heart and raise your expectations.

    Your life is about to get delicious!