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Live deliciously in New ORleans.

Wouldst Thou Like to Live Deliciously?

Picture it: Decadent Creole meals in our historic Garden District mansion…evenings spent strolling the streets of the French Quarter…a late night snack of beignets, powdered sugar piled high like snow…jazz brunch to recover in the morning…a comfortable bed in a luxurious bedroom…a wrought-iron-lined porch for sharing secrets, telling stories…a place where your only responsibility is to show up and be you.

My team and I will take care of the rest.

I see you—longing for an escape from the drudgeries of everyday life. Looking for the time and space to devote to your growth and happiness. Wishing for more people in your life that truly understand you. Hoping to carve a good time out of your busy schedule… somewhere, somehow. Wishing you could be free, really free—if only for a few days.

Well, friend—here’s your chance.

Introducing: Stripcoven New Orleans!

At Stripcoven, pleasure is a priority. We invite you to live deliciously.

Join me and 21 other guests on a four night, three day luxury retreat set in an ornate New Orleans mansion nestled among the giant live oaks of the opulent Garden District of New Orleans! Escape to the Big Easy where Cajuns serve up gumbo, conversations are peppered with French, and cocktails are carried through the streets. Let’s immerse ourselves in pleasure as we enjoy sisterhood and inspiration in this gem of a city!

From a masquerade ball kick-off party…to a bone-chilling private tour through one of the city’s oldest cemeteries…to a wild night running the streets of the French Quarter…to chicory coffee and beignets at jazz brunch at one of New Orlean’s most beloved restaurants…..finally capping the weekend off with our own private brass-band “second line” parade–

Pair all this luscious goodness with workshops from Lux ATL and Rashida KhanBey, two leading experts in the arts of empowerment through sensuality, and you’ve got a caldron of deliciously decadent self-love brewing!

Join us at Stripcoven, where we channel joy into a journey of wonder towards your most magical self.

From soul-baring workshops, to body-celebrating photo shoots, to indulgent massages, to fellowship with like-minded women ready to love and understand you–there is no other experience like the vibe we create at these retreats. Women come as strangers and leave as lifelong friends, bonded in late-night confessions, long hugs, dreams shared–all set in a luxurious location you’ll never forget.

STRIPCOVEN is a women-only self-love-indulgence-fest where pleasure reigns queen and desire takes the stage.

It’s time to say yes to yourself. It’s time to prioritise pleasure.

Dare to invest in you.

You’ll be thanking yourself if you do, and kicking yourself if you don’t. Only 22 of spots are available–apply today!

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“What’s stuck with me most from this weekend wasn’t just seeing all of you beautiful women in your element, though that was part of it. What I can’t seem to shake is the exquisite joy of being seen. I’ve been terrified of allowing myself to be truly seen for so long, and now I don’t think I could live any other way. It’s unmatchable. I don’t think I realized how empty I was until you, my beautiful sisters, until I danced with you, talked with you, laughed with you, cried with you, until you all saw me and I saw you in a way that left us entirely bare to each other, physically and emotionally. You have filled me and I have a well to draw from again because of you. I love you, sisters. You have changed me. Thank you for existing and sharing your time with me.


Here’s why you deserve to be among a badass group of women empowering our minds and bodies while having the time of our lives in one of the world’s most hedonistic cities:

This is your opportunity to prioritize pleasure, explore your desires, and voice your dreams – under the guidance of folks who’ve dedicated their lives to helping women learn to cultivate their inner badasses. This is your chance to let your hair down. Put on a fancy dress. Feel sumptuous. Enjoy those compliments–you deserve them.

Picture it: no cooking, no cleaning, no chores.

Now, replace those responsibilities with: inspiring workshops, exciting adventures, delectable Creole delicacies, a relaxing massage, an empowering photoshoot, late-night chats over wine, early morning talks over beignets, happy gal pals in great moods, secrets shared and friendships forged – not to mention the amazing learning experiences for both body and mind lead by Dr. Lindsay Byron aka Lux ATL, and her dear friend, sensuality coach and general beacon of warmth and love, Rashida KhanBey.

Only you can author the existence you desire.
This is your chance to dedicate four nights and three days to actively cultivating a more joyful self through luxurious relaxation, grand adventures, critical thinking, sensual movement, sisterhood, and joy.

The laundry can wait—you can’t.

It’s time to wake up from your fog and steer yourself in the direction of exactly the life you desire.

You might as well do among the romance of Spanish moss and live oaks!

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“I didn’t realise I could fall in love with so many people in so little time. Feeling more confident in myself and more free, I won’t be pleasing others so much–I feel reinforced in my ‘screw em..I’ll do what I like attitude’. Everyone of you became someone I look up to. I’m still in awe of the whole experience now, and I’m totally coming again so I can party into the early hours. I’ve realised there’s so much more I can do, so many more adventures to take. Stripcastle has been one of the best experiences of my life, truly.

Tina Gilchrist

Here’s what’s included:

Four Nights of Luxury Accommodation

The Terrell House, one of the jewels of the Garden District, will be our home for Stripcoven. This grand three story Italianate mansion built in 1857 features porches, galleries, and balconies framed in ornate cast iron, and a brick New Orleans courtyard complete with several fountains and lush vegetation. The Terrell House has been described by guests as “an oasis in the heart of historic New Orleans — achieving a balance between elegance and comfort.”

Relax in the courtyard, as well as enjoy use of the beautifully appointed double parlors and den featuring 14 foot ceilings crowned with plaster moldings and ornate ceiling medallions. While this mansion retains the gorgeous look and feel of old New Orleans, modern amenities abound, and comfort reigns supreme. Located on famed Magazine Street, perhaps the most famous street for mansion-viewing in New Orleans, the Terrell House offers excellent sight-seeing, restaurants, and even one of the city’s oldest cemeteries within walking distance.

An Opening Vampire Ball to get this retreat started!

Lace up your sexiest ball gown, perch a captivating mask upon that beautiful face, and join us in the courtyard for a true New Orleans style Vampire Ball! For this, our first night of Stripcoven, let’s “laissez les bon temps rouler” as we enjoy an absinthe toast and invocation from Lux, snack upon enticing hors d’oeuvres, and dance the night away. Perhaps we might need to move this party to a location a bit more private as our inhibitions drop? No worries–we’ve got a special carriage house where we can continue our Ball VIP style–clothing optional!

Four Hours of Workshops

Designed to empower your mind and your body. Over the course of our time together, Lux ATL and Rashida KhanBey will lead you through workshops designed to help you connect with your senses, reawaken your erotic self, voice your desires, and move both your body and your soul.

Fantastic New Orleans Adventures

You’ll explore one of the oldest and most storied cemeteries in America, where the tombs are above-ground and history whispers secrets around every corner (not to mention where Lestat and Louis roamed–for all you Anne Rice fans!)….You’ll savor the sights and sounds of a jazz brunch at one of NOLA’s most acclaimed restaurants….You’ll enjoy a wild night in the French Quarter, making sure to take a peek into some of the quirky strip clubs of Bourbon Street….Hell, you’ll even don your most spectacular ensemble to march through the streets of New Orleans in our own private brass-band-led “second line” parade!

A Beautiful Photoshoot with Cindy Johnson

In your thirty-minute private session, our amazingly talented photographer will push you to show your vulnerable side as well as your sexy side. You’ll be able to change outfits and locations during the shoot, plus you can decide how far you want to strip down. Cindy has photographed every retreat I have ever hosted, and the guests are always in love with their photos! We’ll provide more details for scheduling your shoot as Stripcoven approaches.

Candid Behind the Scenes Photos

We will also provide candid behind the scenes photos of the entire retreat, and all attendees will receive a link to that gallery to download at no charge.

A Fifty Minute Massage

Each attendee will have the option of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, tailored specifically to your problem areas. Enjoy aromatic oils and beautiful views as you relax your cares away!

Delicious Meals Fully Catered

Our private chef will prepare nearly all of our fresh and tasty meals–taking care to include local favorites among the options! Are you a vegan? Have allergies? Never fear. We will make accommodations for all special needs. You don’t have to do a thing except show up hungry at mealtime — our catering staff will take care of the rest!

The Company of Likeminded Women

ready to have a great time, share wisdom, roll around the dance floor, and spread love. You’ll make friends and create bonds that last a lifetime in this intimate and happy setting.

And finally, a flat-out good time.

Late night gab sessions, clothing-optional dance parties, cocktails in the courtyard, chicory coffee sipped on a wrought-iron terrace, streetcar rides through the Big Easy, a dreamy massage to relax your muscles and mind, a photoshoot that encourages pride and love for your body: this is how you’ll spend your plentiful downtime at Stripcoven. There’s no pressure, and no chores. The only thing you need to do at Stripcoven is enjoy yourself.

“Stripcastle engaged and refreshed me in the middle of a particularly trying year. I loved bonding with so many thoughtful, fantastic, dynamite women in a nonjudgmental environment, taking challenging workshops, joining the dance party, singing at the clothing-optional karaoke session, enjoying scenery conducive to peaceful reflection, and discussing ways to maximize potential and realize dreams. Such a worthwhile experience.

Rae Madara

Introducing Your Stripcoven Crew!


Lux ATL is an itinerant preacher for the feminist revolution and your favorite pole dancer with a PhD. She’s a former English professor and lifelong exotic dancer turned professional writer, speaker, and teacher of movement for both the body and spirit. She is an activist for women’s empowerment through radical expression of the sensual self. She has spent the last three years internationally touring “Stripcraft,” her workshop for women seeking to reconnect with their confidence and sexiness. She now turns that energy towards her epic feminine empowerment retreats, of which Stripcoven will be the seventh event!

At Stripcoven, Lux will teach QUEENS OF THE NIGHT–amateur night, that is! Perhaps you already know that Lux got her start stripping when she won an amateur contest in 1999. In this workshop, Lux will lead you through devilishly fun challenges for body and mind, designed to up your charisma and charm by 666%. Who knows–maybe you’ll take what you learned to one of NOLA’s strip club amateur contests tonight…?

Rashida KhanBey

Rashida KhanBey (that’s Rashi to her friends!) is a writer, speaker, filmmaker, and sensuality coach. You may know Rashida from her viral video with over 7 million views, Sex Is A God Thing. Rashi is currently in pre- production for Season 1 of the Sex Is A God Thing webseries and touring her body confidence & sensuality workshop “Reclaiming Your Sexy” throughout 2017 and ‘18.

At Stripcoven, Rashida will be teaching SAVOR, a sensuality class designed to help you re-awaken your senses for deeper pleasure.You’ll learn the keys to deeply connecting with your erotic self in a way that gives you greater permission to feel into your emotional range and tap into waves of orgasmic energy running through your body. Post SAVOR you’ll feel a very distinct sense of uninhibited freedom in your body which will inevitably carry over into your intimacy with self and/or your romantic partner.

Are you as excited as I am?

Don’t want to waste another minute before jumping on board before this retreat sells out?

Apply Here

Stripcoven runs Wednesday, October 30th through Monday November 3rd, 2019.

A fifty-minute massage and a thirty-minute photoshoot will take place over the course of your luxurious four night, three day stay. You will have the opportunity to schedule each of these services before the retreat begins.

Here’s the schedule:

Your First Night


Opening Vampire Ball

After a welcome dinner, don a gorgeous beautiful gown–tonight, we’ll enjoy the mystique of a old fashioned Vampire Ball! Let’s keep the fun going until 10 pm. Once the clock strikes ten, we will move the party from the courtyard to a VIP suite!

Dinner at 6:30 and the Ball starts at 8 pm.

Guests can feel free to arrive and settle into their rooms any time after 4 pm.

Your First Full Day


Your first full day at Stripcoven is all about workshops and Halloween!

Today is all about experiencing and connecting with your sensual self and preparing for an all out New Orleans Halloween night of revelry and fun.

8:30 am: Breakfast
10 am: Workshop with Lux
12 pm: Lunch
1 pm: Workshop with Rashida
6 pm: Dinner
9 pm: Head to Frenchman’s Street for Halloween in New Orleans

Your Second Full Day


Your second full day at Stripcoven is filled with sensual fun on every level.

Your main obligation today is to enjoy your vacation! Meet us in the parlour for chicory coffee and morning chats, or take a walk down Magazine Street to view the grand houses of the Garden District–including many famous landmarks such as Interview with the Vampire author Anne Rice’s home, as well the American Horror Story mansion–both within walking distance. Or perhaps you want to grab a po’boy at the shop up the street? Today is also the perfect day to get your massage and smile for the camera in your private photoshoot!

10 am: Late breakfast — you’ll want it after last night
12 pm: Lunch on the town
6 pm: Dinner at Terrell House
8 pm: Ghost Tour of the Garden District

Your Third Full Day


More fun awaits during today’s events!

8:30 am: Breakfast
12 pm: Lunch on the town
6 pm: Dinner
7 pm: French Quarter Night Out!

We’ll start with dinner, then hit some iconic bars on Bourbon Street, throw some money at the strip club, and end our night with delicious beignets from Cafe Du Monde before heading back to our mansion.

Your Final Full Day


Joy and celebration set the tone for your final full day at Stripcoven!

11:30: Jazz Brunch at Commander’s Palace
2 pm: Private tour of Lafayette Cemetery #1
5 pm: Farewell Dinner
7:30 pm: March through the streets of New Orleans in our own Second Line Parade! Then hit the town for some fun and drinks to say goodbye to New Orleans.

Your Final Half Day


After a leisurely breakfast, we’ll prepare to depart by eleven.

I know you’ve got some questions, so I’ve got some answers!

How much does this cost?

Price is all-inclusive, meaning the workshops, food, photo shoot, massage, and any other events are included in the price. You are only responsible for your purchases during our outings, such as our night out in the French Quarter.

All prices are per person.

Your Own Room

In each of these 4 rooms, you get a gorgeous queen bed all to yourself.

Full price: $4800

You can choose to pay in full or begin your payment plan of 10 monthly payments of $490.

Your Own Bed in Shared Room

In each of these 4 spots, you get a gorgeous twin bed all to yourself.

Full price: $3800

You can choose to pay in full or begin your payment plan of 10 monthly payments of $390.

Shared Bed in Shared Room

In each of these 14 spots, you get a gorgeous king or queen size bed to share with a friend.

Full price: $4000

You can choose to pay in full or begin your payment plan of 10 monthly payments of $410.

What exactly am I paying for again?

An all-inclusive getaway featuring:

  • Luxurious shared accommodations with a private en suite bathroom
  • Fully catered meals
  • 4 hours of workshops
  • A mini photo shoot
  • A one-hour massage
  • An all-access pass to the many amenities the mansion has to offer
  • Once-in-a-lifetime adventures through the spanish-moss-lined streets, iconic cemeteries, delicious restaurants, and of course delightful strip clubs of New Orleans!
  • The ultimate week of pleasure spent with new friends all as ready to have fun as you

…all set within one of America’s most beloved cities.

When does the Stripcoven begin and end?

The retreat runs from Wednesday, October 30th to Monday, November 4th 2019. You can arrive anytime after 4 pm on Wednesday, with the Ball starting at 8 pm. After a leisurely breakfast, you will depart by eleven a.m. on November 5th.

What can I expect from the Ball?

Lace up your sexiest ball gown and join us in the courtyard for a true New Orleans style Ball! For this, our first night of Stripcoven, let’s “laissez les bon temps rouler” as we enjoy an absinthe toast and invocation from Lux, snack upon enticing hors d’oeuvres, and dance the night away. Perhaps we might need to move this party to a location a bit more private as our inhibitions drop? No worries–we’ve got a special carriage house where we can continue our Ball VIP style–clothing optional!

Who can I expect to meet at the Stripcove: New Orleans Retreat?

At my last retreats, we had pediatricians to morticians to doulas to dominatrixes in attendance. All attendees will be fully vetted by Lux through the application process. It is my priority to create a safe, joyful, and diverse space for my fellow bad bitches with good hearts! Come prepared to meet some of your newest best friends from all over the country—even the world! Coming alone and worried that you’ll be the fifth wheel in a group full of already-close friends? Think again—most guests will be arriving by themselves, and will be ready to make new pals, just like you.

What is the room situation?

We have three room types for this event. You can choose to stay in a room all by yourself, have your own bed in a shared room, or share a bed in a shared room. We’re keeping this retreat smaller by giving you more luxurious room choices to pick from while still making room for plenty of amazing friends to join us.

Will people be naked?

Perhaps, occasionally.

What will we eat? What if I have special dietary needs?

All meals will be fully catered or out at fantastic locale hotspots. You will have your choice of a vegetarian menu or a meat-eaters menu, and can also request special dietary accommodations if necessary. If you have allergies or other special eating needs, please describe your needs on the application.

Have you ever hosted an event like this before?

In April 2016, I hosted a similar (but smaller) wildly successful event called Stripcabin. This event was a fundraiser for my performance in Miss Pole Dance America, and operated on a more modest scale, lasting two nights and one day. In November 2016, I hosted Stripcabin VIP Lodge which was a three night, three day luxury retreat including workshops, massages, food, and photography. This event was a huge success and inspired me to host even more retreats. In June 2017, I hosted two back to back retreats in a crazy Scottish castle. Plus, I’m hosting another upcoming international retreat in March of 2018 with two sessions in Costa Rica. Stripcoven: NOLA 2019 is back by popular demand after our inaugural 2018 New Orleans retreat was a roaring success.

Where exactly is the mansion located?

In the heart of the Garden District of New Orleans. Address and directions will be provided as we approach the event.

Take the risk of unapologetic self-love and badassery cultivation, and I guarantee…

The investment you make in Stripcoven is an investment in your holistic growth, a chance to commit real time and attention toward understanding exactly who you are and what you desire, and an opportunity to devote concerted attention to cultivating your best self. Furthermore, you will enjoy an unforgettable long weekend of contentment, fun, and relaxation; new connections and alliances with other badass women; delicious and healthy meals; a massage to relax away your worries; and a photo shoot sure to make you feel like a goddess.

When was the last time you devoted real time and energy to the loving cultivation of yourself? Here’s your chance. Stripcoven is not a frivolous luxury—it is a real commitment to crafting exactly the life you desire.

I did it—and so can you.

Stripcoven is an investment in your holistic well-being that you deserve, desire, and will never forget.

So what are you waiting for?

Once you make your initial payment,
here’s what’s going to happen:

You will receive a welcome email confirming your spot and a follow-up contract. All spots are non-refundable so please secure your spot after careful consideration.

As the event approaches, you will also receive sign-up sheets for the photoshoot and massage schedules as well as more details about the Vampire Ball and other events. Fill out your preferred time slot and leave the rest to our photographer Cindy and masseuse!

Finally, you will receive a menu selection sheet in which you select “vegetarian,” “meat-eater,” or “special dietary needs.” Here you can explain any special needs you may have (such as allergies or a gluten-free diet) to make the menu work for you.

One week before Stripcoven, you will receive a reminder email with a packing list, the address and directions (in case you lost ‘em!), and any last-minute details..

This is a one-time-only event — so don’t put it off until “next time!”

If you’ve ever dreamed of an epic getaway with likeminded friends ready for adventure; if you’ve ever wished for the time and space to devote to cultivating your best self with no interruptions; if you’ve longed for an escape from the stress of your everyday life and a chance to recharge; if you’d love to roll deep with Lux ATL for a wild weekend of fun and empowerment— say YES to investing in your happiness and your growth and sign up now, before spaces sell out!

Curious if this retreat is for you?

Wondering if you’ll have fun? Just listen to what attendees of my prior retreats have to say about their experiences:

“There are so many things that made this past weekend amazing! Getting turns on the pole and watching my idols dance was probably the best part for me; along with hanging out naked in the hot tub just talking about some real life shit until 5am. It was so nice being able to be surrounded by beautiful women who didn’t care about my gender or sexual orientation, but actually loved it; and that we could talk about real shit, like coming out to your family. I don’t feel I have many friends in this current stage of my life, but now I feel so close to all of you—it was life changing. Thank you for one of the best weekends I have had in a long time, love you all and can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Sam Buck, Denver, Colorado

“I am now on the train to London for another days hard graft in the big smoke, and thought I’d do some daydreaming about last weekend. In no particular order, here are some memories:

  • Meeting lots of people for the first time and feeling like we’d been friends for ages
  • Not having to think or talk about corporate bollocks for a few days
  • Getting really dressed up in a way that would normally induce harassment
  • Being too drunk to remember any coherent pole moves so just smugly took my clothes off instead
  • Excelling my Anglo Saxon drinking skills with neat cinnamon vodka (it didn’t burn after the third shot) on top of light beer
  • Eagerly watching lots of lap dances and pole wizardry
  • Having to say stuff in an English accent and automatically inducing mirth
  • Not leaving the cabin at all, not feeling guilty
  • Making the hot-tub overflow and squirt water
  • The pretty view and wondering how far away in miles England was…

I miss you all and can’t wait to see what’s next!”


“Even though I have a quiet and reserved energy, I had a smile on my face 24/7 all weekend. All of you beautiful ladies made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I was very impressed by everyone’s pole skills, and I could watch Lux, Dani, and Michelle dance for hours upon hours. Really, you ladies were exquisite! The only thing that could of made it better is having more days, more lap dances, and lap dance lessons! I can’t wait until next time!”

erica acosta, lafayette, LA

“First and foremost, I already miss you guys dearly. This amazing trip would not be possible without having met all of you awesome ladies! I loved the welcoming energies of everyone, the lap dances, performances, drunken debauchery, the massage, the conversations, Cards Against Humanity (brilliant idea), hot tub mishaps (LOL), and most importantly the LAUGHS! I usually act a damn fool with my silliness but I had no time simply because I was always preoccupied with gut wrenching laughter! I absolutely loved was the beautiful weather and scenery, the serene calmness of the mountains, and the exquisite cabin. I’d love to have a lesson of some sort from LUX for the next go round. However, I loved all the down time we had to chill and relax.”

mia symonette, houston, tx

“Lux has graduated from the difficult work of stripper, has kept her self esteem intact, and successfully used her hard work to begin an independent career as a bad ass! All the while, empowering other women in so many ways. She exemplifies what I dream of for so many underclass women. I am beyond thrilled to have been part of Stripcabin, which I personally view as a celebration of Lux’s new independent career. I also am also grateful to have the opportunity to have met Lindsay, the woman behind “Lux ATL.” It was also wonderful to feel successful in my own personal struggles. Women are full of body issues, and growing up in this trans body has been really painful. My body image is fairly good now, after years of hard work, and I never thought I could get where I am. It was amazing to feel the freedom to dance in a judgment free space, and it felt so good to make it rain! Massages, hot tub, dancing, Cards Against Humanity. It was all so perfect. My only wish is that it would have lasted longer.”

juno krahn, durham, nc

Your compliments are so dear to me, and your requests have been heard loud and clear!

So what are you waiting for? Secure your spot at this one-time-only retreat before spots sell out entirely!