Move your body, relax your mind, feel delicious, and fall in love with yourself all over again!

Are you feeling uninspired?

Disconnected from your sexuality? Undesirable?
Bored–and boring?
Stagnant, physically and emotionally?

Do you crave friendship with other women?

Do you want to feel like a bad bitch again?

Do you desire a creative spark that will bleed into other aspects of your life?

I know these feelings, because I have lived them.

And again and again, I have reignited my spark, my confidence, and my lust for life via a practice of sensual movement, thought-work, and a community of good-influencing bad-bitches.

I will help you achieve your desires. I’ve done it for thousands of women already.

JOIN THE SCHOOL OF STRIPCRAFT and become a confident sensual mover, stronger and more flexible than ever—and fall in love with your life again.

Walk by a mirror and feel beautiful. Walk into a room and feel proud. Enter into a committed practice of sensual movement, thought work, physical conditioning, and fellowship–with the option to come together IRL at the famous, in-person, all-inclusive, three-night Stripcabin retreat in December 2023!

The School of Stripcraft includes:

Sensual Sundays:

0ne weekly two-hour sensual movement extravaganza, lead by Lux ATL with the assistance of fellow sensual movement expert Maddy Frechette, hosted online and enjoyed via the privacy of your home. All sessions will be Sundays at 7:30 pm Eastern/6:30 pm Central/5:30 pm Mountain/4:30 pm Pacific and will be recorded.

Strong and Flexy Conditioning

One weekly thirty-minute conditioning class, led by former Atlanta Hawks dancer and lifelong fitness professional Desiree Nathanson, also hosted online. All sessions will be on Tuesdays at 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central/6 pm Mountain/5 pm Pacific and will be recorded.

The option for full-year students to attend the in-person, all-inclusive, three-night, AS-SEEN-ON-TV Stripcabin retreat in December 2023!

Class is in session beginning January 14th, 2023. Will you join us?

    The Stripcraft mission

    At the School of Stripcraft, it is our mission…

    …to reignite your body and heart through a practice of sensuality, creativity, and pleasure.

    …to find joy and confidence via sensual movement, meditation, and community.

    …to appreciate the body you are in, right now.

    …to challenge that body to become stronger, more flexible, and more capable via a responsible and safe fitness practice led by a lifelong fitness professional who specializes in compassionate movement for all body types.

    …to shamelessly nourish your sensual, sexual self.

    …to give yo’ fine ass an excuse to slip into something sexy once a week and connect–and show out–for a gang of friendly women from all over the world.

    The results

    When you join the School of Stripcraft, you will experience the following changes in your life:

    Go from zero -to- hero in the realm of sensual movement

    You enter the School of Stripcraft not knowing how to move your body; you finish the School of Stripcraft a confident sensual mover.

    You used to be too afraid to attempt this style of movement, or embarrassed at yourself when you did–but after regular study and practice under experts, you love how you look and feel when you slink your body across the floor.

    Go from feeling lame and unattractive -to- confident and sexy:

    You enter the School of Stripcraft feeling like a dumpy/frumpy/invisible lame-o; you finish the School of Stripcraft feeling like a beautiful, powerful goddess.

    You have entered a practice in which you weekly slip into something cute and dance sexy among friendly babes who cheer you on. Soon, you begin to see yourself as the bad-ass woman you’d previously let languish in an eternal messy bun and sweatpants.

    Go from feeling bored and boring -to- inspired and creative

    You enter the School of Stripcraft bored with your life and with yourself; you finish the School of Stripcraft with a creative fire reignited.

    Because you have dedicated time and energy to revitalizing the primal creative force that is your sensuality, you find yourself naturally more inclined to pursue other creative passions. You begin painting again. You start taking hikes and immersing yourself in nature. You rejoin the yoga studio. You have nourished the engine of your creative desire, and your whole life becomes more interesting.

    Go from inflexible and weak -to- flexible and strong:

    You enter the School of Stripcraft stiff and weak; you finish the School of Stripcraft flexible and strong.

    You’re more physically capable than you ever thought possible, because you’ve dedicated yourself to a regular, committed, extended physical practice that you actually enjoy.

      The Curriculum

      Sensual Sundays

      Each Sunday at the School of Stripcraft, you will learn new sensual movement techniques and choreography under the tutelage of yours truly, with the assistance of fellow sensual movement sensei, Maddy Frechette.

      About Maddy

      Maddy Frechette has always felt drawn to art. From a young age, her father instilled music in her, him being a guitarist since age 12 and coming from a very musical family. She credits her musical history to her ability to be a great dancer. She has been pole dancing for the last 10 years and started teaching in 2016. That was also the year she met Lux, thus changing her life forever. She strives to be the most embodied dancer she can be and helps her students do the same. She can’t wait to dance with y’all!

      Conditioning Classes

      Mid-week, you will benefit from strength and flexibility conditioning designed to augment your sensual movement skills. These conditioning classes will be lead by fomer Atlanta Hawks dancer and lifelong fitness professional, Desiree Nathanson, with the goal of making you a stronger, bendier, more capable mover.

      About Desiree

      Desiree’s passion in life is to use her background in dance and fitness to show people the fun side of movement!

      Desiree has been dancing for decades including six years with the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks Dance Team and has since become a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and yoga teacher.

      Desiree believes fitness should enhance your life, not stress you out and is looking forward to helping you gain even more physical strength on your sexy journey through the School of Stripcraft.

      As we dance and train together, we will organize each month around a theme designed to holistically improve our quality of life.

      At the School of Stripcraft, you’ll learn the following sensual movement skill sets…

      Over the first six months, students learn sensual movement techniques within the structure of a choreography designed by yours truly, with the opportunity to perform in a virtual recital for your classmates in the summer.

      In the second six months, we’re bringing in more advanced skill sets, and students will build their own choreography that incorporates these techniques. In December, students will have the opportunity to show off their original choreographies in a virtual recital–or–the lucky 28 who have signed up for the Stripcraft Total Package will perform live at Stripcabin

      Here is a small preview of the many sensual movement techniques that you will master over the course of the year…

      Sensual fundamentals, such as…

      Stage walk

      Four-point hip grind

      Four-point chest circles

      Body rolls

      Head rolls

      Floor snakes

      Sexy crawl

      Leg work, such as…

      Leg fans

      Leg tocks

      Heel clacks

      Booty work, such as...

      The cry-baby

      Booty clap

      Floor shimmy

      Booty bounce

      Cheek isolations

      Fck-em grind

      Advanced floorwork, such as…

      Shoulder roll


      Candlestick leg tocks


      Machine gun

      You will also learn conceptual techniques, such as:

      Tools of Engagement:

      learn how to use your eyes, mouth, hands, and facial expressions to hypnotize your audience.

      Attitude expressions:

      experiment with expressing a variety of moods in front of an audience. Try out an enticing vibe, an aggro style, a cocky swagger, and more!

      Choreography mastery:

      practice the challenging skill of learning and memorizing movement sequences.

      Full-on seduction:

      challenge yourself to a no-holds-barred seduction of a live audience using all of the skills you’ve learned.

      Your average two-hour Sensual Sunday class structure will look like this:

      1. Mini-sermon and welcome fellowship
      2. Guided meditation
      3. Sensual, gentle warm-up
      4. Skill instruction + choreography
      5. Prompt exploration
      6. Solo freedance
      7. Group seduction
      8. Small Group Seduction -or- Tip Rail
      9. Cool down

      Your average thirty-minute conditioning class structure will look like this:

      1. 5 minute dynamic warmup designed to get the blood flowing so your body is ready for movement
      2. 15-20 minutes of strength training using minimal to no equipment. If equipment is used, it will be a chair, towel, or other items that are easily accessible. Modifications will always be given.
      3. 5-10 minute cool down to allow for restoration and relaxation of your body after the workout

      The following monthly themes will guide our development…


      Wake Me Up Inside

      This month, we spend time appreciating our bodies–gazing upon them, touching them, pampering them, praising and loving them.


      What’s Your Fantasy?

      Students will define their personal goals for their practice–what exactly do they want to feel, to accomplish; what change do they want to see in themselves and their lives in 2023?


      The Exorcism

      Students will exorcise their blockages, asking: what is the negative story I’ve been telling myself about myself? What’s been standing in the way of you living your fullest, most embodied, most creative life?


      I Can Tell That You Been Practicin’

      Students will determine a handful of yummy activities they can commit to this month to increase their pleasure!


      The Wait Is Over

      Students will practice gratitude this month as we ask ourselves, how can we appreciate the joy of where we are right now?


      Show Up and Show Out

      It’s showcase time! This month, students have the option of performing for their classmates a choreography designed by Lux!


      The Next Level

      At this point, students have learned basic fundamentals of sensual movement as well as built up their confidence. Now it is time to take it to the next level, and start to train advanced skills, both physically and performatively.


      Relax Your Spiritual Vagina

      This month, we learn to let life flow through us with less resistance in order to become a more flexible, peaceful, and content individual, both physically and spiritually.


      Meet Me in The Corridor

      Who comes to me when I meet her in the corridor? Get to know your inner bad bitch through meditation and prompt explorations.


      U Bold AF

      It’s time to use your bad bitch persona to engage your audience. This month we’re going to focus on seducing one another, being bold and brave, making eye contact, and being truly present for your audience.


      It’s My Turn

      This month, it’s time to design your own choreography, integrating the skills we’ve learned this year, while letting your bad bitch persona flow through you. This is a month of authorship, ownership, and creative expression.


      Take the Stage

      It’s recital time again–except now, you’re the choreographer! This month is all about showing off what you’ve learned and appreciating how far your classmates have come.

      And for the twenty-eight lucky students registered for the Stripcraft Total Package–it’s time to dance and laugh together in person at last as we convene in the Smoky Mountains of Tenneesee at Stripcabin!

      And speaking of Stripcabin….

      You might be wondering–how can I culminate this year-long sensual experience with the sexiest, most delightful three-night slumber party + pleasure-fest of my life?!

      The answer is:

      Sign up for the Stripcraft Total Package!

      This is the top tier of membership at the School of Stripcraft, and it is limited to only twenty-six students.

      The Total Package enables you to spend a full year getting to know your fellow dancers online, learning and laughing together–and seducing one another across the airwaves–before gathering in person for the sexy slumber party of your dreams!

      Enjoy the full-year online curriculum, build your skills and confidence, and then arrive at Stripcabin in December to meet the wonderful ladies you’ve been falling in love with all of 2023–and perform your original choreography LIVE before a loving audience on the chapel stage!

      There are only twenty-six spots available in the Stripcraft Total Package. Do not sleep on this opportunity!

      The Stripcraft Total Package costs $4,700 – $4,350 total with flexibile payment plans available, and includes a full-year of School of Stripcraft plus attendance at the three-night, all-inclusive, as-seen-on-TV retreat Stripcabin in December 2023!

        Not ready to dance in person with the homies? In that case, try…

        The Full-Year School of Stripcraft,
        online-only option

        The Full-year School of Stripcraft online-only option includes twelve months of weekly Sensual Sundays and mid-week Strong and Flexy conditioning classes, and costs $1,800. Payment plans are available.

          Membership tiers

          The Total Package

          1 Year of School of Stripcraft AND Stripcabin

          $4,350 – $4,750

          Enjoy the full-year online curriculum, build your skills and confidence, and then arrive at Stripcabin in December to meet the wonderful ladies you’ve been falling in love with all of 2023–and perform your original choreography LIVE before a loving audience on the chapel stage!

          Annual Membership

          1 Year of School of Stripcraft


          The Full-year School of Stripcraft online-only option includes twelve months of weekly Sensual Sundays and mid-week Strong and Flexy conditioning classes

          The Half Year

          6 Months of School of Stripcraft


          The Half-year School of Stripcraft includes six months of of weekly Sensual Sundays and mid-week Strong and Flexy conditioning classes running from January through the end of June


          When is the School of Stripcraft Stripcabin event?

          You’ll enjoy the full-year online curriculum, build your skills and confidence, and then arrive at Stripcabin November 30, 2023 to meet the wonderful ladies you’ve been falling in love with all of 2023–and perform your original choreography LIVE before a loving audience on the chapel stage!

          This special Stripcabin event will run November 30 – December 3, 2023. You can find all the details about the room types and event here. Please note the schedule may change for the December 2023 event to allow time for the special Stripcraft performances. The event will follow the normal structure as much as possible but some programming may change.

          What if I’m already experienced in the realm of sensual movement? Can I benefit from the School of Stripcraft?

          Absolutely! Even if you are already an experienced dancer, the School of Stripcraft gives you the opportunity to hone your sensual movement techniques into masterful precision, as well as providing a weekly commitment to the dance floor.

          Moreover, Sensual Sundays are about so much more than learning skills–these weekly gatherings provide the opportunity for you to meditate your way into greater self-love, freedance your heart out, learn new choreography, seduce the homies, and enjoy beautiful fellowship with friends old and new.

          Finally, the weekly strength and conditioning class can only bolster your badassery. The School of Stripcraft provides opportunities for growth and pleasure, regardless of your current skill set!

          Help! I am a total beginner! Will the School of Stripcraft be above my head?

          Not at all. Techniques will be presented in a sequence designed to make even the newest dancer comfortable–and ya girl will always keep it lighthearted and fun for you!

          Who exactly will be teaching the classes?

          Lux ATL will lead the majority of Sensual Sundays, with one (or occasionally two) sessions a month led by her trusted fellow sensual movement sensei, Maddy Frechette. Strong and Flexy mid-week conditioning classes will be taught by Desiree Nathanson. 

          I am a plus-sized woman. Will the movement lessons be accessible to me?

          Yes. While every type of body will find certain techniques easier than others, I have trained many excellent plus-sized dancers in these skill sets over my nearly-decade long career teaching sensual movement. Many of these women have gone on to be sensual movement instructors–and performers–themselves. You will find yourself executing as many impressive new moves as any other gal in class. Do not let your body type cause you to miss out!

          I have some injuries / aches and pains. Will the movement lessons be accessible to me?

          At the School of Stripcraft, we endeavor to offer as many variations as possible, as well as a large variety of movement options focusing on different body parts–so if something’s not working for your knees, hang in there–we’ll move on to arms momentarily!

          Furthermore, our in-house fitness professional Desiree specializes in compassionate fitness for all body types. She will help ensure that you are moving safely and comfortably. By the way, I myself will be newly postpartum at the onset of this series, so I expect to be working with my own set of limitations. You will not be left out in the cold!

          I do not have a pole. Will I be able to participate in the School of Stripcraft?

          Absolutely, yes! There is no pole work in the School of Stripcraft

          What kind of space do I need to dance with y’all?

          If you’ve got room for a yoga mat, you’ve got room to dance with us. Ideally, you can carve out a small space in your home where you can stretch out and travel a bit. If you’ve got to move the coffee table once a week, so be it!

          What supplies do I need to dance with y’all?

          Kneepads are a must. Dance heels are optional but encouraged–I favor the Burju brand–use code LuxATL for a discount! You will also want a yoga mat. A mirror is optional but encouraged!

          I am not sure I can attend every class. Will this ruin my experience?

          Not at all! Life happens, and we understand that some days you may have other plans or obligations that prevent you from attending class. The benefits of the School of Stripcraft come from the cumulative effect of the extended commitment–so simply attend as many of the classes as you can, and you will experience the growth in skill and quality of life you desire!

          All classes will be recorded and housed on our membership platform so you can log in and watch (or rewatch) on your own schedule. 

          What time are the sessions?

          Sensual Sundays will be at 7:30 pm Eastern/6:30 pm Central/5:30 pm Mountain/4:30 pm Pacific

          Conditioning will be on Tuesdays at 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central/6 pm Mountain/5 pm Pacific.

          First conditioning is already on Thursday, December 8 at 8pm ET!

          All sessions will be recorded and posted to our membership platform within 1-2 business days for you to watch or rewatch on your own schedule.

          If I select 6 month option now will I be able to continue?

          Maybe. We are adding this option by popular demand so we haven’t fully decided yet if we’ll also offer a continuation option in June. 

          Depending on demand, we may provide a continuation option but we don’t want to promise it to you now since we’re not sure.

          If you know you want the full year, we encourage you to select that option now to ensure you can participate the entire year. Plus – it’s more cost effective!


          What happens after I hit “purchase?”

          You will receive a confirmation email with details about class scheduling (class is officially in session with our first Sensual Sunday starting January 14th!), what to wear to class, and what to expect! Please allow up to 1 business day for your welcome email to arrive.

          So what are you waiting for?!

            Not ready to commit to a full year? In that case, join us for six months…

            Half-year School of Stripcraft

            The Half-year School of Stripcraft includes six months of of weekly Sensual Sundays and mid-week Strong and Flexy conditioning classes running from January through the end of June, and costs $1000. Payment plan is available!

            “As a newbie, my heart is so full being welcomed into this space–and my inner juices are flowing! I’ve already met some bold, sexy versions of myself that were buried deep…. I see you ladies showing up. Sharing. Being vulnerable. Flexing that resilience. Getting creative. Shattering through illusions. Not only am I inspired as fuck–I’m ready to truly evolve with you.”

            – Lary

            “Anyone who is drawn to Lux and wants to be vulnerable with their inner work is so strong, and I learn from all of you. I came to this group to explore my innermost desires and cracks…. My strength has grown because of you all showing up and Lux asking the questions that really made me listen to myself. We are all wildly capable of what we came here to do, and way more–and it is so exciting to imagine the levels of success we’re enjoying and will continue to create.”

            – Desiree

            “I just need to express how much love and admiration I have for Lux ATL and for every single woman in the Stripcoven. Quarantine has been fucking hard, but it would’ve been way worse without you babes and I love you so much. Thank you for seeing me and accepting me, shadow and all.”

            – Jamye

            “I have such respect for the women I just spent the last six weeks with. Thank you Lux ATL for the incredible space you created and hold for us. My quarantine would have been so much different without all of y’all, and I cherish this experience so much.”

            – Lizzie

            “Signing up for the Stripcovid courses with Lux has added almost indescribable value to my life. One of the biggest things it’s done for me (and a lot of us) is restore a small sense of normalcy to life in a time that feels like things will never be normal again. More than that–it’s allowed us to create and define our normal. To normalize a space in which we feel comfortable being our realest selves, sharing our darker sides, experiencing the power that comes from vulnerability. To feel and do and have it all, laughing and crying and dancing and loving. Stripcoven til the death of me.”

            – Randi