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Remember that brilliant firecracker you put on the shelf–or maybe you never took her off the shelf at all? She’s tired of being locked inside. She’s looking for an excuse to get out. She’s the one dancing in the mirror when she has the house to herself. She’s the one singing her heart out in the shower when she gets a moment alone. She’s the tiny, burning flame that animates your spirit.

And she’s the woman I’m inviting to StripTease.

Introducing StripTease:

A one-night-only taste of pleasure, sisterhood, and sensual expression – with a dash of debauchery for good measure!

Curious about my retreats? Here’s your chance to get a taste…

Picture it: six hours of sexy fun with a girl gang of stunners and queens. Together we will enjoy cocktails, a fancy dinner, an intimate workshop complete with my signature preachin’ (where we will get to know each REAL quick!), and a dance party of epic booty-shaking proportions!

Prepare to lose your heels and your inhibitions.

Wear that sexy black dress! Pull out the fishnets! Put on the red lipstick! Homegirl, tonight is your night. Come dance the night away as you join the bomb-ass community I’ve built over the last five years!

Each StripTease event will be capped at fifteen to twenty guests to maintain an intimate vibe.

Investment? Two monthly payments of $197 or one payment of $350.

Where will ya meet me, mama?

Seattle // Friday, March 1


Portland // Saturday, March 2


Sacramento // Friday, March 8


San Diego // Saturday, March 9


Milwaukee // Friday, March 15


Indianapolis // Saturday, March 16


Dayton // Monday, March 18


NYC // Saturday, March 23

Denver // Saturday, April 27


What’s included:

  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Drinks
  • The Forbidden Revival: a new workshop by Lux!
  • The dance party that we all need
  • The fellowship of badass babes
  • A smile you can’t turn off

What’s the time frame?

6 pm – midnight

I want you to feel good. I want you to feel beautiful. I want you to feel alive. I want you to recognize your gifts and stop at nothing to see them thrive.

I want you to live life on your own terms, with no shame, no fear, no apologies, just love.

Come get that party started with me and a dozen of your new best friends at StripTease!