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Welcome to Stripcraft 101!

Here you will find my (growing!) collection of live introductory courses where you can learn foundational skills for feeling good in your body, strong in your spirit, and sharp in your mind–while simultaneously attending the most lit online parties of your life!

The mission of Stripcraft 101 is to enrich your fundamental skills in sensual movement as well as creative expression in order to inspire the cultivation of the baddest bitch ever–


It’s time to enjoy your body and move through this world with confidence, homie.

At Stripcraft 101, you will find live, single-session, ninety-minute sensual movement and creative expression workshops that will teach you the fundamental skills of bad bitchery!

These workshops are fun. Outlandish. Educational. Sometimes scandalous. Always insightful.

In these ninety-minute sessions, you can expect:

  • Live preachin’ and teachin’ from Lux 
  • Small group sessions with the homies 
  • Opportunities to take the stage 
  • Down-to-earth realness and fun

Expect to walk away with:

  • A solid understanding of the basic principles of the topic at hand
  • New skills to practice at home
  • New friends to kick it with online
  • A recorded version of the workshop that you can rewatch anytime


Current offerings include:

Teach Me How To TikTok
* MAY, 27 2021 *

Booty Magick 101
* MAY, 28 2021 *

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