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How to Write a Memoir

“I should write a book.” 

How many times have you had that thought? 

You’ve lived one hell of a life. You’ve learned some powerful lessons. You’ve seen beauty, love, sorrow, and pain. You’ve got an amazing story to tell…

but you don’t know where to begin.

I can help you with that.

Learn how to craft your memories into a book-length masterpiece at How to Write a Memoir

This ninety-minute workshop takes place on Tuesday, March 23 from 8pm – 9.30 pm EST

How to Write a Memoir is a ninety-minute, no-nonsense, zero-pretense, real-talk classroom where you will get started writing your memoir today!

In this workshop, you will learn how to find the story you want to tell–as well as how to tell it. I’ll share my principles for a rewarding writing practice, as well as some juicy prompts to get that pen moving right away.

It’s time to stop talking about writing that book–and start actually writing it! 

But–why should I write a memoir? I’m nobody special!

Because you are someone special. You have a story, and you know it.

Because writing–and rewriting–the important moments of your life creates greater awareness, appreciation, and gratitude for your path than you ever dreamed possible. Want to put those demons from the past to sleep? Give ‘em a home on the page.

Because you will be creating a treasure for generations to come. Imagine your great-great granddaughter reading your memoir–because she absolutely will!

Because you will sorely regret it if you die without writing that book–

but you will never regret writing the book! 

In this introductory-level workshop, learn how to identify your story, tease out a narrative, create a practice, and start your manuscript today.

At How to Write a Memoir, expect:

  • Guidance on finding a story that will compel readers 
  • Writing exercises to get you started on your manuscript right away
  • A small group jam session where you can share your ideas
  • A recording of the entire workshop so you can enjoy a refresher anytime, delivered to your inbox

This ninety-minute workshop takes place on Tuesday, March 23 from 8pm – 9:30 pm EST.

Can’t make that time? No worries. A full recording of the workshop will be delivered to all participants afterwards.

Investment: $77.77