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Teach Me How to TikTok

You want to build a following on TikTok, but you don’t know wtf you’re doing.

Let ya girl Luxy show you the ropes!

Learn how to become a social media rockstar at Teach Me How to TikTok!

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In the last year, I have gone from zero followers to 1.7m followers at the time of writing (yes, really) – with a viral video getting over 30 Million Views!

350k of these followers I gained in four weeks alone. 100k of these I gained in twenty-four hours. That’s right. One hundred thousand followers in twenty-four hours. 


Pretty simple. I researched, experimented, and created my way into a winning formula. None of this is luck, and I repeat my success again and again. 


I’m dying to show you how. 

learn how to tiktok with luxatl

From IG Reels to SnapChat Spolight to YouTube’s brand-new offering, Shorts, every other social media app is desperately trying to imitate TikTok. It is clear to everyone, including TikTok’s competitors, that the Tok is the next wave of social media. Right now is the time to establish a large following, while the landscape remains relatively unsaturated. You can gain a huge audience for your art, attract new clients, and even land brand sponsorships.

Gone are the days of years-long struggle just to get your amazing content seen. The Tok actually puts your videos out to hundreds of thousands of strangers–even millions. This is a unique opportunity in the social media realm. 

But I’m telling y’all, this window won’t last forever. The prime opportunity is right now, and I’m seizing it.

You Can Too!

I’m going to teach you:

How your brand can benefit from TikTok
The basics of the genre
What kind of content to post
How often to post it
How to establish a creative schedule
How to maintain the right attitude

Listen. You can’t just take your content from IG or FB and repost it on TikTok and expect success. The Tok is its own world, with a culture, trends, and standard practices. 

I’ve figured it out, and I can provide you one hell of a short-cut.

Follow my guidelines, and with some creativity, spirit, and sparkle on your part–you will KILL IT on this app.

This workshop is recorded so you can watch it on your own schedule.

Investment: $66