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Dare to dance with your desires. 

Attend my Stripcraft workshop and strip down to the woman you really are inside–with no shame, no fear, no apologies, just love.

Experience two hours of soul-searching sensuality as you embark upon a journey of shameless self-love and sisterhood.

Stripcraft begins with the female empowerment speech of a lifetime, followed by a movement workshop appropriate for any level of fitness.

In Stripcraft, learn to:

Name your desires

Inhabit your body

Strip away excuses

See your own beauty

Connect meaningfully with other women

“If you all think this workshop is about stripping, you’re right–stripping away your fears, stripping the negative voices, stripping the shame, stripping the armor that keeps you from being alive, stripping down the walls that keep you from unleashing your own unapologetic self. Stripcraft–take this class!”

Stacy, California

Stripcraft is the workshop that launched my career.

Since 2015, I have taught Stripcraft hundreds of times in locations all over the world–and have met so many wonderful women along the way.

Stripcraft remains the cornerstone of my message, and the principles explored in this workshop inform all of my offerings, from my retreats to my events to my digital courses.

Come see where it all started!

Attend a Stripcraft workshop at the following locations this year – contact studios for booking!

03/08/19 // Seattle

Divine Movement Studio


03/07/19 // Sacramento

Vertical Fitness

“I was extraordinarily nervous to take this class…my confidence and self esteem have been worse than ever before. I’ve been trying to reclaim my body, my sexiness, my personality, my life, myself, but it hasn’t been going to well. As nervous and scared as I was, I was determined to just go for it. Thankfully, Lux made that very easy to do as she cultivated and environment of no shame and no apologies. For those two hours, I started to retrieve the sensuality and sexuality I once had. It was the most empowered I’ve felt in I don’t know how long. It was truly a life-changing experience.”

Jane, Missouri

“I just want to thank you for one of the most inspiring and freeing workshops I’ve ever attended. I am so glad you came to work with us ladies because you totally set me free. No fear. No shame. Just love. It’s been a long journey for me to a place of self love and last night was by far the most rewarding experience to set that in stone. You are an amazing dancer and an even better teacher.”

Allie, Indiana

“Stripcraft was beyond what words can express for me. For those of you who are signed up and haven’t taken it yet: I’m so excited for you to experience it. This weekend has just reinforced all the work I’ve put in toward loving, understanding, and celebrating myself; and I’m so thankful because it hasn’t been easy, and I don’t want to look back. Thank you, Lux ATL.”

Susie, Illinois