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Stripcoven Spring Break!

Picture it: fun-in-the-sun with the girls. Wild nights, dreamy days. Pool parties, barefoot beach strolls, ping pong games and naps by the pool, sexy workshops, plenty of excuses to pull your boobs out, bonding with the homegirls, late-night hot tub gab-sessions, karaoke shenanigans, friendships you will never forget. Nothing on your to-do list except enjoy. The excuse to act silly and feel like a kid again. A private chef to cook all of your meals. A massage and a photoshoot to make you feel like a queen. Boogie-boarding sessions with Luxy…secrets shared beneath the stars…skinny dipping and sunbathing and being together again…

And since we’re together…

Who’s up for some friendly competition?

At Stripcoven Spring Break, guests will be divided into four teams to compete in a week-long tournament, with events each day–culminating at last in a final battle royale to win Spring Break champion! Dominate your opponents at the Beer Olympics, battle your pals in a fierce game of cornhole, engage in high level artistry as you competitively craft sandcastles, spike on the homies at beach volleyball, wow the crowd at the Wet T-Shirt contest…At Stripcoven Spring Break, you’ll never run short on entertainment!

May 2 – 7, 2022

Are you a grown-ass woman who wants to feel like a carefree co-ed for five days and nights on the golden sun-kissed beaches of the Outer Banks?

Join me and 18 other bodacious babes on a five-night, five-day luxury getaway as we celebrate Spring in an ocean-front beach mansion complete with a private pool, two hot tubs, direct beach access, and every amenity imaginable.

Looking to unwind with a good book and a great view? 

In a mansion this epic, you’ll never run out of spots to steal some alone time, as well.

Does that sound like fun to you?

If you said YES–


$3500 – $5000, depending on room selection, payable in monthly installments.


You roll up to a babetastic pool party already in progress. Ya girl Lux and her crew greet you with a cocktail and a smile. Go find your room and drop your bags–because you’re going to want to jump right into the fun! We’re going to kick off Stripcoven Spring Break with the Beer Olympics–so get your flip-cup game tight! Don’t drink? No worries–we’ve got plenty of Gatorade to keep ya playing right along with the rest! 

As the week progresses, you’ll enjoy lazy mornings, big breakfasts, afternoons spent cheering for your team…sunset walks along the shore followed by a delectable dinner cooked especially for you (and yes, there’s always dessert)…a candlelit sensual lingerie party, a sleepover night where the dress code calls for jammies and scary movies are a must, a singalong karaoke extravaganza in our own private bar…and honey, that’s only scratching the surface! With plenty of time for frolicking on the beach, lounging by the pool, or even exploring the small town of Duck, NC for saltwater taffy and painted shells, you can expect the perfect mixture of planned entertainment and free time! 

“What’s stuck with me most from this weekend wasn’t just seeing all of you beautiful women in your element, though that was part of it. What I can’t seem to shake is the exquisite joy of being seen. I’ve been terrified of allowing myself to be truly seen for so long, and now I don’t think I could live any other way. It’s unmatchable. I don’t think I realized how empty I was until you, my beautiful sisters, until I danced with you, talked with you, laughed with you, cried with you, until you all saw me and I saw you in a way that left us entirely bare to each other, physically and emotionally. You have filled me and I have a well to draw from again because of you. I love you, sisters. You have changed me. Thank you for existing and sharing your time with me.


Stripcoven runs Monday, May 2nd through Saturday, May 7th, 2022.

Here’s the schedule:

Monday, May 2nd
Spring Break Kick-Off Party

The party starts when you walk in! Enjoy a welcome cocktail (or fancy juice!) to get your vacay started, throw on your bikini, and meet us by the pool for hotdogs, hamburgers, wet T-shirts, and the Beer Olympics–a tournament of cunning, skill, and Solo cups!

Tuesday, May 3rd
A Candle-Lit Lingerie Romp

After spending your day relaxing on the beach, join us after dark for a delicious night you won’t forget. Your girl Luxy will lead you through a sensual warm-up before hitting you with movement challenges sure to get you pretzeled up with a cadre of fine ladies. You’ll want to pack your favorite teddie for this wild night!

Tournament match of the day: Sandcastles of Domination

Wednesday, May 4th
Pajama Party!

After an indulgent day of massages and photoshoots, it’s time to bring back the pleasures of girlhood as we congregate in our jammies, order pizza, break out some classic games (Girl Talk, anyone?), and snuggle up with a scary movie!

Tournament match of the day: Baddest Bitch of Board Games 

Thursday, May 5th

Meet us by the pool for chips, guac, and an array of fine tequila and mixers at our very own margarita bar! 

Tournament match of the day: Volleyball Vixens of Victory

Friday, May 6th
Battle Royale!

We’ll close off our week together the way we started–with childish games and hilarity! Who can balance the cookie on their nose? Who can flip the cup with their butt? Who can belt out that Carrie Underwood song about vandalization with the most gusto? Tonight, all teams get one last chance to rack up points before we declare the Spring Break Champions of the week! 


Getting hungry? We’ll celebrate our winners over a classic Low Country Boil!

Saturday, May 7th
Head home!

After a leisurely breakfast, we’ll prepare to depart by eleven.


Luxury accommodations 

Three delicious meals a day  

Silly, sexy, soul-baring activities 

A fifty-minute massage

A beautiful photoshoot 

Memories to last a lifetime

All you have to do is show up–
let us take care of the rest!

“I didn’t realise I could fall in love with so many people in so little time. Feeling more confident in myself and more free, I won’t be pleasing others so much–I feel reinforced in my ‘screw em..I’ll do what I like attitude’. Everyone of you became someone I look up to. I’m still in awe of the whole experience now, and I’m totally coming again so I can party into the early hours. I’ve realised there’s so much more I can do, so many more adventures to take. Stripcastle has been one of the best experiences of my life, truly.

Tina Gilchrist


Enjoy kickin’ it with the Stripcoven in this gorgeous, award-winning mansion set on a strip of land ‘bout half a mile wide, floating like a paradise oasis among the other tiny islands that make up the Outer Banks. But since pictures are worth a thousand words…

“Stripcastle engaged and refreshed me in the middle of a particularly trying year. I loved bonding with so many thoughtful, fantastic, dynamite women in a nonjudgmental environment, taking challenging workshops, joining the dance party, singing at the clothing-optional karaoke session, enjoying scenery conducive to peaceful reflection, and discussing ways to maximize potential and realize dreams. Such a worthwhile experience.

Rae Madara

THE Rooms

I know you’ve got some questions, so I’ve got some answers!

When does Stripcoven Spring Break begin and end?

Guests will arrive the afternoon of Monday May 2nd and depart the morning of Saturday May 7th, 2022.

How much does this experience cost?

Rooms range from $3500 to $5000 depending on the room type. 

8 Shared room, solo double bed: $3500 SOLD OUT

8 Shared room, shared king bed: $4000 – ONLY 2 REMAIN

3 Solo room, solo king bed: $5000 – ONLY 1 REMAINS

What exactly am I paying for?

An all-inclusive getaway featuring:

  • Luxurious accommodations with private or shared bedrooms–your choice
  • All meals fully catered
  • Entertainment and enrichment provided by Lux ATL and team
  • A personal photoshoot, resulting in five digital photos for you to keep forever
  • A fifty-minute massage
  • An all-access pass to the many amenities the mansion has to offer, including two hot tubs, an in-home theater, game room with billiards and arcade, a gorgeous swimming pool, a wrap-around deck with sweeping views, ocean-front beach access, and more

What will we eat? What if I have special dietary needs?

All meals will be fully catered and suited to your dietary restrictions! You will have your choice of a vegetarian menu or an omnivore menu, and can also request special accommodations if necessary. Each guest will fill out a form describing their dietary needs before the retreat!

I’m shy / I’m not a dancer / I’m just a normal gal...Should I come?

YES! You do not have to be a dancer, a stripper, a self-identified sex pot, or anything other than exactly who you are! Women from all walks of life attend my retreats–come find out why! You might meet a pediatrician, a mortician, and a pole dancer at the same table!

Will people be naked?

Yes, sometimes. You can be as clothed or bare as you wish, according to your comfort level. We have to wear bathing suits on the beach according to North Carolina law, but we can be free on our property! Sexy games, moonlight skinny dips, and lap dance extravanganzas will provide the exhibitionists plenty of opportunities to show their stuff, and the voyeurs lots to look at!

Who can I expect to meet at Stripcoven Spring Break?

All attendees will be fully vetted by Lux through the application process. Come prepared to meet some of your newest best friends from all over the country—even the world! Coming alone and worried that you’ll be the fifth wheel? Think again—most guests will be arriving by themselves, and will be ready to make new pals, just like you!

I’m sober. Is this retreat for me?

We have a whole crew of sober gals in the Stripcoven, and they are often the most lit babes at the shindig! If you are comfortable around alcohol and down to clown, please join us! We will have tasty mocktails in cute glasses so you don’t feel left out. You can even participate in the Beer Olympics, as we will use a brightly-colored Gatorade for your Solo cups!

Have you ever hosted an event like this before?

Yes! At the time this was written, I have hosted 11 StripRetreats at luxury locations worldwide! Starting in 2016, the Stripcoven has been whooping it up in locations such as a Smoky Mountain lodge, a castle in Scotland, a Garden District mansion in New Orleans, a jungle mansion on the lush coastline of Costa Rica–and more! Hundreds of women have attended these retreats–and many of them come back again and again!

Where exactly does Stripcoven Spring Break take place?

In the charming town of Duck, NC, where you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the nation.

How do I get there?

Stripcoven Spring Break is in the OBX where Lux has vacationed nearly her whole life. Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll pick the most convenient local airport and then drive about 2 hours to reach th Outer Banks. Many guests coordinate and start their fun at the airport. We’ll provide detailed instructions on the closest airport and how to get to the property once you’re a confirmed guest.

Once you make your initial payment,
here’s what’s going to happen:

  • You will receive a welcome email with additional details to get you excited!

  • Later, you will also receive sign-up sheets for the photoshoot and massage schedules. Fill out your preferred time slot and leave the rest to our photographer and masseuse!

  • Finally, you will receive a menu selection sheet in which you select “vegetarian,” “omnivore,” or “special dietary needs.” Here you can explain any special needs you may have (such as allergies or a gluten-free diet) to make the menu work for you.

  • One week before the retreat, you will receive a reminder email with a packing list, the address and directions (in case you lost ‘em!), and any last-minute details.

Invest in yourself. Your good time matters.
Life is too short to keep putting it off.

See you at Spring Break.

Curious if this retreat is for you?

Wondering if you’ll have fun? Just listen to what attendees of my prior retreats have to say about their experiences:

“There are so many things that made this past weekend amazing! Getting turns on the pole and watching my idols dance was probably the best part for me; along with hanging out naked in the hot tub just talking about some real life shit until 5am. It was so nice being able to be surrounded by beautiful women who didn’t care about my gender or sexual orientation, but actually loved it; and that we could talk about real shit, like coming out to your family. I don’t feel I have many friends in this current stage of my life, but now I feel so close to all of you—it was life changing. Thank you for one of the best weekends I have had in a long time, love you all and can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Sam Buck, Denver, Colorado

“I am now on the train to London for another days hard graft in the big smoke, and thought I’d do some daydreaming about last weekend. In no particular order, here are some memories:

  • Meeting lots of people for the first time and feeling like we’d been friends for ages
  • Not having to think or talk about corporate bollocks for a few days
  • Getting really dressed up in a way that would normally induce harassment
  • Being too drunk to remember any coherent pole moves so just smugly took my clothes off instead
  • Excelling my Anglo Saxon drinking skills with neat cinnamon vodka (it didn’t burn after the third shot) on top of light beer
  • Eagerly watching lots of lap dances and pole wizardry
  • Having to say stuff in an English accent and automatically inducing mirth
  • Not leaving the cabin at all, not feeling guilty
  • Making the hot-tub overflow and squirt water
  • The pretty view and wondering how far away in miles England was…

I miss you all and can’t wait to see what’s next!”


“Even though I have a quiet and reserved energy, I had a smile on my face 24/7 all weekend. All of you beautiful ladies made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I was very impressed by everyone’s pole skills, and I could watch Lux, Dani, and Michelle dance for hours upon hours. Really, you ladies were exquisite! The only thing that could of made it better is having more days, more lap dances, and lap dance lessons! I can’t wait until next time!”

erica acosta, lafayette, LA

“First and foremost, I already miss you guys dearly. This amazing trip would not be possible without having met all of you awesome ladies! I loved the welcoming energies of everyone, the lap dances, performances, drunken debauchery, the massage, the conversations, Cards Against Humanity (brilliant idea), hot tub mishaps (LOL), and most importantly the LAUGHS! I usually act a damn fool with my silliness but I had no time simply because I was always preoccupied with gut wrenching laughter! I absolutely loved was the beautiful weather and scenery, the serene calmness of the mountains, and the exquisite cabin. I’d love to have a lesson of some sort from LUX for the next go round. However, I loved all the down time we had to chill and relax.”

mia symonette, houston, tx

“Lux has graduated from the difficult work of stripper, has kept her self esteem intact, and successfully used her hard work to begin an independent career as a bad ass! All the while, empowering other women in so many ways. She exemplifies what I dream of for so many underclass women. I am beyond thrilled to have been part of Stripcabin, which I personally view as a celebration of Lux’s new independent career. I also am also grateful to have the opportunity to have met Lindsay, the woman behind “Lux ATL.” It was also wonderful to feel successful in my own personal struggles. Women are full of body issues, and growing up in this trans body has been really painful. My body image is fairly good now, after years of hard work, and I never thought I could get where I am. It was amazing to feel the freedom to dance in a judgment free space, and it felt so good to make it rain! Massages, hot tub, dancing, Cards Against Humanity. It was all so perfect. My only wish is that it would have lasted longer.”

juno krahn, durham, nc

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