Hey sis, are you looking for a good time?

I hope you like frolicking on the beach, hanging out with monkeys, and dancing through the night with naked ladies…


Join Us – April 30-May 5, 2023

Wanna sexy dance through the open-air ballroom to the sound of tree frogs and the laughter of friends? Wanna take workshops on the terrace with the pole stars of your dreams? Wanna open your heart and mind to new friendships that will last a lifetime? Wanna watch humpback whales jump around the ocean? Wanna relax on a pristine beach with crystal clear waters lapping at your feet?

Well, friend—here’s your chance.

Join Lux for a five-night retreat set in the gorgeous beachside jungle of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! Make new friends while enjoying an unforgettable experience of growth, bonding, relaxation, and ridiculously good times in a wildly posh, just-constructed mansion fit for celebrities.

Picture it:

Days spent adventuring through waterfalls, frolicking on the beach, paddle-boarding in the open ocean…nights spent dancing to a bangin’ sound system under party lights (sometimes until the sun comes up!) at the dopest pool party in the dopest mansion ever built in the middle of the jungle….hearts opened, secrets shared, bonds created….so many laughs, as well as a few tears….lap dances galore, loving appreciation of one another with no shame and no fear….no walls are necessary at Stripcabana–and no tops either!


Dare to invest in you.

You’ll be thanking yourself if you do, and kicking yourself if you don’t. Want to jump right in on this unforgettable experience?

Join us April 30-May 5, 2023

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Are you ready for a life-changing, soul-quaking, belly-laughing, body-loving, all-inclusive luxurious week in paradise with twenty other women down for the same? 

Life owes you nothing. You owe life everything.

Only you can author the existence you desire. This is your chance to dedicate three days to actively cultivating a better you through self-care, critical thinking, sensual movement, sisterhood, and joy. The laundry can wait—you can’t.

It’s time to wake up from your fog

And steer yourself in the direction of exactly the life you desire.

You might as well do so in 11,000 sq ft of luxury beach living overlooking the jungle!


Join us April 30-May 5, 2023

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Picture it: no cooking, no cleaning, no chores.

Now, replace those responsibilities with: delicious fully-catered meals, an amazing massage, an empowering photoshoot, late-night chats, early morning dips in the swimming pool, happy gal pals in great moods, secrets shared beneath the stars, not to mention the amazing learning experiences for both body and mind lead by Dr. Lindsay Byron aka Lux ATL.

Your creative ideas and dreams can only flourish under committed and dedicated hours, and yet—if you’re like a lot of us—you find it hard to carve that time out of your day-to-day life. Nonetheless, your brilliance deserves commitment—in fact, only through commitment can you ever achieve your full level of badassery.


Dare to invest in you.

You’ll be thanking yourself if you do, and kicking yourself if you don’t. Want to jump right in on this unforgettable experience?

Join Us – April 30-May 5, 2023

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“My coworkers are asking how my trip went and it’s really hard to put into words for people who don’t fully get it. I can talk about the gorgeous view and the exhilarating excursions and the delicious food all I want, but it’s far more meaningful than just those things. I want to talk to them about these impactful interactions, but then again what makes this so special is that we shared these moments that are ours and ours alone.”

Here’s what’s included:

Five nights of luxury accommodations

For you and a roommate (or two or three!) in one of the ten bedroom suites featuring queen beds and private baths in each room. This means you’ll enjoy a combination of comfort, privacy, as well as fellowship with friends old and new.

A signature kick-off party!

Thursday evening featuring Lux ATL stripping down to her birthday suit and putting on a real-deal stage show! Not to mention—there will be free lap dances for all! Perhaps you want to give a dance yourself? Be my guest! Want to take the stage and show us what you’ve got? We can’t wait to watch! At Stripcabana, you will be able to enjoy all the delights of the club—plus live out fantasies of your own—with zero of the annoyances or discomfort of an actual strip club.


Workshops are designed to empower your body and your mind. You will be lead by the creator of Stripcraft and Sanctuary —yours truly, Lux ATL—eliminating all guess work and ensuring that you devote your full attention and energy to the cultivation of your ultimate badassery.

Plenty of room to dance during our movement workshops in the gorgeous open-air patio.

Sweeping vistas of the ocean and surrounding jungle!

As we work through deep discussions, share secrets, and laughs. Enjoy a beautiful exotic landscape as you relax and focus on the cultivation of your best self from a place of positivity and joy.

A photoshoot with an amazingly talented photographer!

Our photographer will provide each attendee a personal photo session that includes a couple of locations within the house and two clothing changes. Within two weeks of the event, each client will receive a private online gallery of edited images. From these, you can pick 5 to download as high res digital file. You will also have the option in your gallery to purchase additional images. Here’s your chance to view yourself in all of your fullness through the lens of a female photographer devoted to helping women find their unique beauty.

Our photogtapher will also provide candid behind the scenes photos of the entire retreat, and all attendees will receive a link to that gallery to download at no charge.


A fifty minute massage

Each attendee will have the option of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, tailored specifically to your problem areas. Enjoy aromatic oils and beautiful views as you relax your cares away!


Delicious and healthy meals

fully catered for the entire weekend. You don’t have to do a thing except show up hungry at mealtime—our personal chef will take care of the rest! We offer menu options for vegetarians, meat-eaters, and those with special dietary needs, as well.

The Company of Likeminded Women

ready to have a great time, share wisdom, roll around the dance floor, and spread love. You’ll make friends and create bonds that last a lifetime in this intimate and happy setting.

And finally, a flat-out good time.

Late night gab sessions, clothing-optional dance parties, dreams shared under the stars, a morning skinny-dip in the infinity pool, a dreamy massage, a photoshoot that encourages pride and love for your body: this is how you’ll spend your plentiful downtime at Stripcabana. There’s no pressure and no chores. Instead, you will learn and you will grow—and you will find the whole damn experience relaxing and delightful.

“Even though I have a quiet and reserved energy, I had a smile on my face 24/7 the whole time. All of you beautiful ladies made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Really, you ladies were exquisite! The only thing that could of made it better is having more days, more lap dances, and lap dance lessons! I can’t wait until next time!”

erica acosta, lafayette, la

Are you as excited as I am?

Don’t want to waste another minute before jumping on board!


Join Us – April 30-May 5, 2023

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There are two sessions of Stripcabana!

A fifty-minute massage and a mini photoshoot will take place over the course of your luxurious five night stay. You will have the opportunity to schedule each of these services before the retreat begins.

We provide transportation to and from the airport to the Cabana location. You will have the opportunity to schedule each of these services before the retreat begins.

The waterfall excursion is included, as well as all meals!

I know you’ve got some questions, so I’ve got some answers!

How much does this cost?

Price is all-inclusive, meaning the workshops, food, photoshoot, massage, and any other events are included in the price. Once you’re here, you won’t spend a dime.

You have the option to pay in full or start your payment plan to secure your spot. Please note: ALL RETREAT PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. All of our services are based around the number of attendees so we cannot refund any money paid towards a spot if you must drop out.

All prices are per person.

Shared Queen Suites

Enjoy a shared queen bed, an en-suite bathroom with Double-Sink Vanity, Rain Shower Head, frosted shower door lockable from the inside, and a shared balcony 



What exactly am I paying for again?

An all-inclusive getaway featuring:

Luxurious shared accommodations with a private en suite bathroom

All meals fully catered

Movement + thought workshops lead by Lux ATL

A personal photoshoot, resulting in five digital photos for you to keep forever

50 minute massage

An all-access pass to the amenities the Cabana has to offer, including an infinity pool and outdoor bar area!

An epic waterfall excursion.

Transportation to and from the Cabana from the airport.

The ultimate self-care and self-empowerment week spent with awesome women encouraging one another in our greatness

…all set within exotic sweeping vistas of Costa Rica.

What can I expect from the Kick-Off Party?

A no-holds-barred, women-only sexy smorgasbord featuring nude dancers and lap dances for everyone! Erotic entertainment provided your favorite former stripper with a PhD, Lux ATL!

Want to get a little wild? Want to join in the naked fun? Feel free! This is a safe space where you can let loose without worrying about judging eyes or the gaze of unwanted creepers. Stripcabana is a loving environment of women lifting one another up, cheering each other on, and having the kind of fun you haven’t had since you started adulting!

Perhaps you’re the more reserved type—no worries there either! This party is open to all levels of dress and comfort.

What can I expect from the workshops?

Inspiring sermons in the tradition of the Stripcraft philosophy, sexy choreography, performance challenges, lap dances, and real talk with likeminded women. Learn how to materialize your dreams while empowering your body in the meantime! All workshops are taught by seasoned instructors in an intimate setting designed to engender the creation of a better you. Expect to create lasting friendships while you’re at it! 

Who can I expect to meet at Stripcabana?

All attendees will be fully vetted by Lux through the application process. It is my priority to create a safe and joyful space for my fellow bad bitches with good hearts! Come prepared to meet some of your newest best friends from all over the country—even the world! Coming alone and worried that you’ll be the fifth wheel in a group full of already-close friends? Think again—most guests will be arriving by themselves, and will be ready to make new pals, just like you. 

What is the room situation?

There are 10 bedrooms at the Cabana, each with its own private en suite bathroom. Each attendee will share a room with other Stripcabana sisters. Of course, you can request to room-share with a friend—or simply have a slumber party with new friends!

Will people be naked?

Yes, occasionally. Lux ATL will dance nude at the kick-off party. All attendees may feel free to dress as sexy as they like, and reveal as much as they desire. The swimming pool will be clothing-optional all week long. As a reminder, this is an all-woman event and a safe space of body positivity and sisterhood. We love your body, no matter the shape or size, and hope you love ours right back!

What will we eat? What if I have special dietary needs?

All meals will be fully catered and will be yummy and healthy! You will have your choice of a vegetarian menu or a meat-eaters menu, and can also request special dietary accommodations if necessary. If you have allergies or other special eating needs, you will have an opportunity to share this with us prior to arrival!

Where exactly is this Cabana located?

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. You will fly into SJO (Juan Santamaría International Airport) and take our shuttle to the Cabana location! 

How can I get to Cabana?

You will fly into SJO (Juan Santamaría International Airport) and take our shuttle to the Cabana location!

What about COVID-19?

Worried about Covid? Don’t be. The folks at Stripcraft Corporation have your safety in mind, and keep a keen eye on developments. Of course, things will change between now and next Fall, but we will do everything to ensure a safe trip–if necessary, that may mean mandatory covid-testing, depending on how circumstances develop. We assure you that you can fully fuckin enjoy the Stripcabana experience and feel safe in the meantime.

Take the risk of unapologetic self-love and badassery cultivation, and I guarantee…

The investment you make in Stripcabana is an investment in your holistic growth, a chance to commit real time and attention toward understanding exactly who you are and what you desire, and an opportunity to devote concerted attention to cultivating your best self. Furthermore, you will enjoy an unforgettable long week of contentment, fun, and relaxation; new connections and alliances with other badass women; delicious and healthy meals; a massage to relax away your worries; and a photo shoot sure to make you feel like a goddess.

When was the last time you devoted real time and energy to the loving cultivation of yourself? Here’s your chance. Stripcabana is not a frivolous luxury—it is a real commitment to crafting exactly the life you desire.

I did it—and so can you.

Stripcabana is an investment in your holistic well-being that you deserve, desire, and will never forget.

So what are you waiting for?

Once you make your initial payment,
here’s what’s going to happen:

You will receive a confirmation email with additional details about Stripcabana, area information, and travel tips.

Later, you will also receive sign-up sheets for the photoshoot and massage schedules. Fill out your preferred time slot and leave the rest to our photographer and masseuse!

Finally, you will receive a menu selection sheet in which you select “vegetarian,” “meat-eater,” or “special dietary needs.” Here you can explain any special needs you may have (such as allergies or a gluten-free diet) to make the menu work for you.

A couple of weeks before Stripcabana, you will receive a reminder email with a packing list, shuttle schedules, and any last-minute details.

This is a one-time-only event — so don’t put it off until “next time!”

If you’ve ever dreamed of an epic getaway with likeminded friends ready for adventure; if you’ve ever wished for the time and space to devote to cultivating your best self with no interruptions; if you’ve longed for an escape from the stress of your everyday life and a chance to recharge; if you’d love to roll deep with Lux ATL for a wild week of fun and empowerment— say YES to investing in your happiness and your growth and sign up now, before spaces sell out!

Curious if this retreat is for you?

Wondering if you’ll have fun? Just listen to what attendees of my prior retreats have to say about their experiences:

“I am now on the train to London for another days hard graft in the big smoke, and thought I’d do some daydreaming about last weekend. In no particular order, here are some memories:

  • Meeting lots of people for the first time and feeling like we’d been friends for ages
  • Not having to think or talk about corporate bollocks for a few days
  • Getting really dressed up in a way that would normally induce harassment
  • Being too drunk to remember any coherent pole moves so just smugly took my clothes off instead
  • Excelling my Anglo Saxon drinking skills with neat cinnamon vodka (it didn’t burn after the third shot) on top of light beer
  • Eagerly watching lots of lap dances and pole wizardry
  • Having to say stuff in an English accent and automatically inducing mirth
  • Not leaving the cabin at all, not feeling guilty
  • Making the hot-tub overflow and squirt water
  • The pretty view and wondering how far away in miles England was…

I miss you all and can’t wait to see what’s next!”


“First and foremost, I already miss you guys dearly. This amazing trip would not be possible without having met all of you awesome ladies! I loved the welcoming energies of everyone, the lap dances, performances, drunken debauchery, the massage, the conversations, Cards Against Humanity (brilliant idea), hot tub mishaps (LOL), and most importantly the LAUGHS! I usually act a damn fool with my silliness but I had no time simply because I was always preoccupied with gut wrenching laughter! I absolutely loved was the beautiful weather and scenery, the serene calmness of the mountains, and the exquisite cabin. I’d love to have a lesson of some sort from LUX for the next go round. However, I loved all the down time we had to chill and relax.”

mia symonette, houston, tx

“Lux has graduated from the difficult work of stripper, has kept her self esteem intact, and successfully used her hard work to begin an independent career as a bad ass! All the while, empowering other women in so many ways. She exemplifies what I dream of for so many underclass women. I am beyond thrilled to have been part of Stripcabin, which I personally view as a celebration of Lux’s new independent career. I also am also grateful to have the opportunity to have met Lindsay, the woman behind “Lux ATL.” It was also wonderful to feel successful in my own personal struggles. Women are full of body issues, and growing up in this trans body has been really painful. My body image is fairly good now, after years of hard work, and I never thought I could get where I am. It was amazing to feel the freedom to dance in a judgment free space, and it felt so good to make it rain! Massages, hot tub, dancing, Cards Against Humanity. It was all so perfect. My only wish is that it would have lasted longer.”

juno krahn, durham, nc

Your compliments are so dear to me, and your requests have been heard loud and clear!

So what are you waiting for?

Join Us – April 30-May 5, 2023