Hey girl, are you looking for a good time?

Like–a real good time. A dance-around-with-your-tits out, make-twenty-new-best-friends kind of time. A wear-that-outrageous-outfit, eat-that-delicious-dessert, share-that-yummy-secret kind of time. 


No kids. No spouse. No work. No cooking. No cleaning. 

No judgement. 

Freedom–to be the woman you really are inside.

This session of Stripcabin in December 2023 is only available for booking through the Total Package Option

That bad bitch with the WAP WAP WAP. That siren who sings in the shower. That secret vamp twerking in the kitchen when she is home alone. That beautiful woman that you catch in the mirror from time to time, when you’re feeling generous, and the mood’s just right, and you think: damn, girl, you still got it. 

The woman you’ve buried under respectability and rules. Her. The real you. The woman you think is dead.

She’s not dead. 

Let me show you how alive she can be.


As seen on TV!


Join me and twenty other gals on a three night, three day luxury getaway of sisterhood and debauchery set in a gorgeous and expansive multi-building lodge nestled in the 


November 30 – December 3, 2023

STRIPCABIN is a sexy-dancing, dream-creating, photoshoot-taking, massage-receiving, good-meal-eating, hot-tub-relaxing, lap-dance-giving good time designed to bring together women interested in expanding our spirits, moving our bodies, crafting a vision for our futures, and creating bonds with friends new and old. 

You’ll be thanking yourself if you do, and kicking yourself if you don’t. Want to jump right in on this unforgettable experience?

This is your chance to let loose, laugh, feel sexy, eat all the snacks, sing all the karaoke, bond with the homies…

all within the seclusion of a luxury lodge nestled in the mountains, while having your needs met by caterers, massage therapists, and your homie Lux ATL.

Life owes you nothing. You owe life everything.

Make the choice to have this experience.

The laundry can wait—you can’t.

It’s time to wake up from your fog

And steer yourself in the direction of exactly the life you desire.

You might as well do so in a hot tub beneath the stars with a glass of wine in hand.


Picture it:

an opening party of epic proportions in which scores of gorgeous women in lingerie hoot and holler in encouragement of one another…

a loving environment with space for the shy gals to bloom in their own time, and the exhibitionists to take the stage…

a full day of full relaxation to kick it with the homies on the porch or nap on the couch…

every single meal deliciously catered, and snacks a-plenty…

not one but two hot-tubs under the stars where you’re sure to find the party after midnight…

a gorgeous photoshoot to document yo’ fine azz…

a fifty-minute massage to relax your cares away…

plenty of room on the expansive property to escape for some alone time…

late-night chats by fireplace…

after-breakfast dips in the indoor swimming pool…

not to mention the amazing learning experiences for both body and mind lead by Dr. Lindsay Byron aka Lux ATL and her dear friend and guest instructor, burlesque legend Michelle Mynx!


Dare to invest in you.

“What’s stuck with me most from this weekend wasn’t just seeing all of you beautiful women in your element, though that was part of it. What I can’t seem to shake is the exquisite joy of being seen. You have filled me and I have a well to draw from again because of you. I love you, sisters. You have changed me. Thank you for existing and sharing your time with me.”


Here’s what’s included:

Three nights of luxury accommodations

For you and a roommate (or two or three!) in one of the nine bedroom suites featuring king and queen beds, bunk beds, and private baths in each room. This means you’ll enjoy a combination of comfort, privacy, as well as fellowship with friends old and new.

A signature kick-off party!

Thursday evening featuring expert exotic dancers Lux ATL and Michelle Mynx stripping down to their birthday suits and putting on real-deal stripper stage shows! Not to mention—there will be free lap dances for all! Perhaps you want to give a dance yourself? Be my guest! Want to take the stage and show us what you’ve got? We can’t wait to watch! At Stripcabin, you will be able to enjoy all the delights of the club—plus live out fantasies of your own. Welcome to Stripcabin, where you are our top customer and will be treated as such!

Stripcraft Workshop

Put on your finest lingerie–it’s time for Stripcraft with Lux ATL! Experience a hedonistic ninety minutes of soulful sensuality, shameless self-love, and supportive sisterhood as we slither across the chapel floor. We will begin with a brief sermon from ya girl Luxy, followed by meditative sensual movement and seductive playtime with the homegirls! This workshop is not physically strenuous, and is appropriate for any level of fitness. You do not need any dance or movement experience to participate. You should expect to gently move your body, touch yourself, and engage with your homegirls!

Kinetic Connections Workshop

The Kinetic Connections Workshop is taught by badass Michelle Mynx, a pole dance pioneer, lifelong stripper, and burlesque superstar. Stripcabin offers a variety of styles and skills certain to hit your sweet spot! Learn to create and nurture a genuinely emotional and physical bond with your Stripcabin Sisters through a series of guided exercises focused on dance flow movement, eye contact and platonic, sensual, safe touch. Learn to see and be seen, to give and receive unconditional, non-transactional comfort, and connect spiritually with another woman in a safe, accepting, and loving environment. There will be dancing and hugging so come prepared for movement. Comfortable layers of clothes recommended. Knee pads suggested but not required. This workshop stands alone or as a sequel to Soul Seduction.

A photoshoot with an amazingly talented photographer!

You’ve seen Lux’s beautiful photos on the internet. Now it’s your turn to shine! Enjoy a personal photoshoot to showcase your sexy side, set in any number of gorgeous shoot locations on property! Want to frolic in the buff with the mountains as your background? Want to tangle yourself in the sheets of a king-sized bed? Maybe stretch out on the pool table in your leather and lace? It’s your choice. You’ll never forget your Stripcabin experience with these photos. 

A fifty-minute massage

Each attendee will have the option of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, tailored specifically to your problem areas. Enjoy aromatic oils as you relax your cares away!

Delicious and healthy meals

fully catered for the entire weekend. You don’t have to do a thing except show up hungry at mealtime—our personal chef will take care of the rest! We offer menu options for vegetarians, meat-eaters, and those with special dietary needs, as well.

24-hour access to our private heated indoor pool,

housed in its own special pool house right beside the event facility. You can swim in the morning, swim at night, swim in your birthday suit, or cover up tight—it’s up to you!

The Company of Likeminded Women

ready to have a great time, share wisdom, roll around the dance floor, and spread love. You’ll make friends and create bonds that last a lifetime in this intimate and happy setting.

And finally, a flat-out good time.

Late night gab sessions, clothing-optional dance parties, s’mores by the fire, games of PacMan and Air Hockey in the rec room, dreams shared under the stars, a morning skinny-dip in the indoor pool, a dreamy massage overlooking the Smokey Mountains, a photoshoot that encourages pride and love for your body: this is how you’ll spend your plentiful downtime at Stripcabin. There’s no pressure and no chores. Instead, you will learn and you will grow—and you will find the whole damn experience relaxing and delightful.

“With Stripcabin, Lux ATL creates a safe, inclusive space where women can express themselves and celebrate their similarities and differences. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll twerk whilst standing on your head. You’ll drink wine in a hot tub with the most diverse, inspiring women from across America and the world. You will never be the same again.”


Are you as excited as I am?

Don’t want to waste another minute before jumping on board before this retreat sells out?


A fifty-minute massage and a thirty-minute photoshoot will take place over the course of your luxurious three night, three day stay. You will have the opportunity to schedule each of these services before the retreat begins.

Here’s the schedule:

Your First Night


Your first night at Stripcabin is all about the party! Here’s your chance to let loose and get wild with cocktails, sexy outfits, and naked ladies dancing!

9 pm – 2 am: Kickoff Party, featuring:
New friends in great moods
Lap dances for everyone
“Amateur Night”—live the fantasy and take the stage!
Hot tub soakin’
Drinkin’ and smokin’ and generally being bad!

Your First Full Day


Your first full day at the Stripcabin is all about relaxing, fellowship, and feeling good!

Your only obligation today is to relax with friends and enjoy the facilities the lodge has to offer! Meet us on the deck for mountain vistas and mimosas, or in the theater for an afternoon movie, or in the hot tub as we share secrets and gaze upon the changing autumn leaves.

Schedule at your convenience:
a fifty-minute massage
a thirty-minute photoshoot
(sign-up schedules available for both services)

Mealtimes on Friday:
9:30 am – 10:30 am: breakfast
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm: lunch
7 pm – 8 pm: dinner

Your Second Full Day


Your second full day at Stripcabin is filled with growth, learning, and laughter!

9 – 10 am: breakfast
10- 1 pm: Workshops
1 pm –5 pm: Lunch and a break! Relax and enjoy a massage and/or photoshoot if you did not get the chance yesterday!
5 pm – 6 pm: Workshops
6 pm – 7 pm: Dinner

For the remainder of the evening: have fun with friends! Join us for a hot tub star-gazing party, a water gun fight in the pool, wine by the fireplace, a game of pool in the rec room—or finally get that massage if you haven’t had the chance yet!

Your Final Half Day


On your final half-day at Stripcabin, you’ll channel your inner badass and show off your sexy skills to a lucky partner…or three!

9 am – 11 am: breakfast, prepare for afternoon departure, say your goodbyes

depart by 12:00 Noon

“I didn’t know it could be like this. I have awesome female friends and I’ve been to nice ‘women’s circles,’ and actually, my training group for therapy is nearly all women… and I still didn’t know it could be like this…. That there are alternate ways of building communities, being vulnerable, being sexual…”


I know you’ve got some questions, so I’ve got some answers!

When does the Stripcabin begin and end?

The kick-off party starts Thursday night, at 9 pm—this gives some you time to travel that afternoon.  You can arrive anytime after 4 pm. Stripcabin will end Sunday at 2 pm, giving folks enough time to catch a flight (or drive) back home before work on Monday.

How much does this cost?

Price is all-inclusive, meaning the workshops, food, photo shoot, massage, and any other events are included in the price. Once you’re in the lodge, you won’t spend a dime.

You have the option to pay in full or start your payment plan to secure your spot. Please note: ALL RETREAT PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. All of our services are based around the number of attendees so we cannot refund any money paid towards a spot if you must drop out.

All prices are per person.


Choose from a shared bed or solo bed in this room with 3 Queen beds, master suite, private deck, cathedral ceilings, 2 TVs, large private bathroom with soaking massage-jet tub

Master Shared Bed: $3100 SOLD OUT




Each sleeps 2 – 6

In each room, you get: 2 Queen beds, TV, access to wrap around deck and hot tub, private bathroom

Queen Suite Solo Bed : $3150 SOLD OUT
Queen Suite Shared Bed: $2950


Each sleeps 4 – 10

In each room, you get 2 Queen bunk beds, TV, outdoor access, private bathroom

Queen Bunk Solo Bed: $2850 SOLD OUT
Queen Bunk Shared Bed: $2650 SOLD OUT

What exactly am I paying for again?

An all-inclusive getaway featuring:

Luxurious shared accommodations with a private en suite bathroom

All meals fully catered

Movement + thought workshops lead by Lux ATL

Movement workshop lead by guest instructor Michelle Mynx

A personal photo shoot, resulting in five digital photos for you to keep forever

50 minute massage

An all-access pass to the many amenities the lodge has to offer, including two hot tubs, an in-home theater, an indoor swimming pool, and a wrap-around deck with sweeping views

The ultimate self-care and self-empowerment weekend spent with awesome women encouraging one another in our greatness

…all set within a luxurious mountain lodge in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains.

What can I expect from the Kick-Off Party?

A no-holds-barred, women-only sexy smorgasbord featuring nude dancers and lap dances for everyone! Erotic entertainment provided by pole dance pioneer Michelle Mynx, and of course, your favorite stripper with a PhD, Lux ATL!

Want to get a little wild? Want to join in the naked fun? Feel free! Stripcabin is a safe space where you can let loose without worrying about judging eyes or the gaze of unwanted creepers. Stripcabin is a loving environment of women lifting one another up, cheering each other on, and having the kind of fun you haven’t had since you started adulting!

Perhaps you’re the more reserved type—no worries there either! This party is open to all levels of dress and comfort.

What can I expect from the workshops?

Inspiring sermons in the tradition of the Stripcraft philosophy, sexy choreography, performance challenges, lap dances, and real talk with likeminded women. Learn how to materialize your dreams while empowering your body in the meantime! All workshops are taught by seasoned instructors in an intimate setting designed to engender the creation of a better you. Expect to create lasting friendships while you’re at it!

Who can I expect to meet at Stripcabin?

All attendees will be fully vetted by Lux through the application process. It is my priority to create a safe and joyful space for my fellow bad bitches with good hearts! Come prepared to meet some of your newest best friends from all over the country—even the world! Coming alone and worried that you’ll be the fifth wheel in a group full of already-close friends? Think again—most guests will be arriving by themselves, and will be ready to make new pals, just like you.

What is the room situation?

There are 9 bedrooms in the lodge, each with its own private en suite bathroom. Some rooms have queen beds and others have queen bunk beds. Each attendee will share a room with other Stripcabin sisters. Of course, you can request to room-share with a friend—or simply have a slumber party with new friends! If you wish to room with specific friends, please note this request and the names of your friends in the application and Lux will make every effort to accommodate. Your cost will vary slightly depending upon which room you select.

Will people be naked?

Yes, occasionally. The dancers (Lux ATL and Michelle Mynx) will dance nude at the kick-off party. All attendees may feel free to dress as sexy as they like, and reveal as much as they desire. Attendees will be invited to participate in “Amateur Night” during the kick-off party so that all ladies can have a chance to play stripper if they so desire! The hot tub and swimming pool will be clothing-optional all weekend long. Several of the workshops offer partial-nudity options as well. As a reminder, this is an all-woman event and a safe space of body positivity and sisterhood. We love your body, no matter the shape or size, and hope you love ours right back!

What will we eat? What if I have special dietary needs?

All meals will be fully catered and will be yummy and healthy! You will have your choice of a vegetarian menu or a meat-eaters menu, and can also request special dietary accommodations if necessary. If you have allergies or other special eating needs, please describe your needs on the application.

What awesome amenities does the lodge offer?

Spacious en suite bedrooms

Large open-floor event facility for hosting workshops

Two hot tubs

Indoor heated pool

20+ seat home theater

Wrap-around deck

Mountain vistas

A rec room with air hockey, billiards, and arcade games

Comfortable and roomy living areas

What should I pack?

Pole/dance clothes


Leggings/leg warmers

Yoga mat

Stripper shoes

Sexy clothes/lingerie to strip out off

Party outfit for the Thursday night kick-off party

Comfortable clothes for lounging

A few pieces of lingerie (or old jeans! or a faded flannel!) for the photoshoot

Bathing suit

Your favorite bottle of wine or liquor to share

Have you ever hosted an event like this before?

Yes! At the time this was written, I have hosted 14 Strip-Retreats at luxury locations worldwide! Starting in 2016, the Stripcoven has been whooping it up in locations such as this Smoky Mountain lodge, a castle in Scotland, a Garden District mansion in New Orleans, the dopest mansion of my life on the lush coastline of Costa Rica–and more! Hundreds of women have attended these retreats–and many of them come back again and again!

Where exactly is the lodge located?

In the mountains of Sevierville Tennessee–the birthplace of Dolly Parton! Address and directions will be provided upon purchase.

How can I get to the lodge?

The McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville is a 45 minute drive to the lodge. There is plenty of parking at the lodge for those who will be roadtripping, like myself. Once all attendees have paid their first deposit, I will create a Ride Share Google doc where we can work out carpools.

Take the risk of unapologetic self-love and badassery cultivation, and I guarantee…

The investment you make in Stripcabin is an investment in your holistic growth, a chance to commit real time and attention toward understanding exactly who you are and what you desire, and an opportunity to devote concerted attention to cultivating your best self. Furthermore, you will enjoy an unforgettable long weekend of contentment, fun, and relaxation; new connections and alliances with other badass women; delicious and healthy meals; a massage to relax away your worries; and a photo shoot sure to make you feel like a goddess.

When was the last time you devoted real time and energy to the loving cultivation of yourself? Here’s your chance. Stripcabin is not a frivolous luxury—it is a real commitment to crafting exactly the life you desire.

I did it—and so can you.

Stripcabin is an investment in your holistic well-being that you deserve, desire, and will never forget.

So what are you waiting for?

Once you make your initial payment,
here’s what’s going to happen:

You will receive a welcome email with additional details about Stripcabin, area information, and travel tips.

Later, you will also receive sign-up sheets for the photoshoot and massage schedules. Fill out your preferred time slot and leave the rest to our photographer and masseuse!

Finally, you will receive a menu selection sheet in which you select “vegetarian,” “meat-eater,” or “special dietary needs.” Here you can explain any special needs you may have (such as allergies or a gluten-free diet) to make the menu work for you.

One week before the Stripcabin, you will receive a reminder email with a packing list, the address and directions (in case you lost ‘em!), and any last-minute details..