Divine. Feminine. In the flesh.

Enter into a practice of sensuality, pleasure, and purpose with Mother Luxy as your High Priestess.

It’s time to feel like a woman–and love it.

Cultivate WAP energy in the Stripcoven.

“For decades I’ve tried and failed to give myself space to grow and be the best version of me…and repeatedly failed. This is different. Now I have a family, a congregation of support. A space where it’s not only permissible but encouraged to be vulnerable and embrace the vulnerability of others. It’s incredibly powerful.”

– Kim

Tell me–does this sound like you?

You have worked hard to be okay with yourself. You’ve atoned for your crimes, tried to fix what was broken. You’ve tried to be a good girl.

And yet, inside, there’s a wild woman that just won’t go away.

She’s sexy. Alive. A little bit dangerous. You absolutely love her.

But also–you fear–that she isn’t allowed.

You long to feel sexy, free, and alive. Sometimes, you feel guilty about wanting these things. Maybe these desires are frivolous, you tell yourself. Maybe you don’t deserve to feel good–especially when there’s so much work to do.

But within, a tiny voice cries:


It’s her. That wild woman you’ve tried to extinguish. The one with the secret dreams….and the secret desires. The one who dances naked through the kitchen when she has the house to herself. The one who sings in the mirror when she is all alone. That holy spirit within that whispers, “you should write that novel.” The sacred voice from inside that says to your reflection, “you’re gorgeous.” That woman you sometimes suspect is the real you. The woman you “could have been.” Her. The one you buried so deep–and yet she still won’t go away.

Babygirl–she’s never going away.

So why not release her instead.


Repression no more!

Fear no more!

Numbness no more!

Imagine…occupying your body with joy instead of self-hatred. Imagine making pleasure a priority–and watching your life improve as a result. Imagine that you won’t get in trouble, and no one is the boss of you, and you can be who you want to be. You have permission. The guard is asleep. Here is your chance to sneak by. Imagine a community to support you, laugh with you, grow with you as together you journey in joy towards the blossoming of your highest self.

You want permission to be who you really are inside?

You want a stage, but you’re too ashamed to ask for it?

You want a friend, a cheerleader, a crew?

Homie. Here it is.

Cultivate WAP energy with Stripcoven™

is a holy space where the women of the Stripcoven™ can clear out the shame and judgement tied to our bodies and sexualities in order to make way for our ultimate creative powers.

is a membership community that supports this growth via weekly Sunday Sermons from Mother Luxy, live weekly mindset and movement jams at our Wednesday Fellowship gatherings, twice-monthly Homebound Hoedown dance parties, a private and uncensored forum called Confessional where you can express yourself fully without fear, plus exclusive blogs and vlogs from a diverse array of badass movers and shakers–and so much more.

is a container for the cultivation of your divine feminine energy in the interest of living a more sensual, creative, and pleasurable life.

offers a curriculum designed to lead you confidently in the cultivation of these blessings.

“Do you want to unleash the truest, most authentic version of yourself, tapping into your femininity and sexuality all while supporting and being supported by the most amazing group of international goddesses? Do yourself a favor and join us.”

– Kim

When you join Stripcoven, you join the highly-engaged Stripcoven™ community in regular meetings and hype-ass conversations, all organized around a curriculum designed to move you from the doldrums of repression and sacrifice into your most confident, sensual, embodied, pleasurable self.

Stripcoven™ brings all of my teaching together into one coherent place, under one curriculum, to enable an easy-to-access format and an easy-to-follow process of learning.

Stripcoven™ is a continuation of the incredibly-successful Stripcovid Survival Pack–with a ton of bad-ass new benefits added! Because hundreds of enthusiastic women already joined us for Stripcovid over the last six months, we have already established a solid online community of Stripcoven™ sisters ready to welcome you!

“Stripcovid has been absolutely life-changing for me. The high of being with a bunch of women, writing, dancing, supporting one another, tipping one another, is a high like no other. I will forever be a Stripcoven Sister.”

– Patricia Ashleigh

“If you would have told me seven weeks ago that a virtual course with Lux ATL was going to change me, I’d have looked at you sideways. I knew it would be fun, but I did not think I’d be as rocked to my core as I am. I have been brought to tears by these women’s words, stories, and voices. They’ve inspired me to want to tell my story and use my voice. So, if you are part of the Stripcoven, thank you.”

– Samantha

At Stripcoven, you will find live interactive sessions, as well as pre-recorded content–plus an uncensored forum–to enrich your growth through a curriculum lovingly designed by Luxy.


First, our four cornerstones….

Sunday Sermon:

In these weekly pre-recorded sermons, Luxy preaches on a lesson relevant to the cycle at hand (explore our curriculum for the year below), and fortifies us with inspiration and challenges for the week to come. Expect topics that engage your intellect as well as your intuition. As the primary source of Lux’s teachings, Sunday Sermons are a cornerstone of Stripcoven.

Wednesday Fellowship:

Every Wednesday evening, we come together for a ninety-minute live Zoom session to engage soulfully and meaningfully using our minds and bodies. Dress comfortably and expect low-impact, yummy, pleasurable movement along with deep thought work and discussion. As the home of our “in-person” intellectual and creative engagement, these live jams are another cornerstone of Stripcoven.

Homebound Hoedown:

These lit-ass parties never fail to thrill! Join Lux and the whole Stripcoven crew every other Friday for a two-hour-long, uproarious sexy dance party in which we don our finest lingerie, bounce our asses, and throw compliments–and dollars. You never know what guests Luxy may bring–or if it’s your turn at Tip Rail, hubba hubba!–so you won’t want to miss these wild nights! As our primary site of straight-up good times and extreme bonding, the Homebound Hoedown is another cornerstone of Stripcoven.


Censorship no more! Misogyny no more! At Confessional, our uncensored independent social forum, the homies of the Stripcoven can post whatever they like! Share your deepest thoughts and best boob pics at Confessional! Here in our private social forum, you’ll enjoy real-ass convos, showcase your dope art, drop sexy selfies, and engage privately and directly with the community.

Worried about your secrets getting out? Feeling distrustful and scared after past betrayals? Eager to open up, but afraid to trust again? We’ll build your trust with our love and support.

But as additional assurance–all members are required to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) in order to access Confessional–so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. As the living home of our conversations, Confessional is the final cornerstone of Stripcoven.


Inspire the People:

This is the place for our members to shine!

At Inspire the People, members of the Stripcoven are invited to volunteer to preach to the congregation via written blogs or videos designed to get us energized and feeling good!

Mother’s Greatest Hits:

No more searching five different websites to find the Lux pole vid from 2013 that you’ve just got to see.

Here you will find a collection of my favorite free online content–my most popular videos from IG, FB, YouTube, and Vimeo–all in one place.

Continuing Education:

Here, you will find a la carte collections of continuing education, on sale on a rolling basis.

Stripcoven Shop:

Grab your Stripcoven merch here!

You’ll find shirts, journals, and other goodies!

Stripcoven Directory:

Do you have a business or service you’d like to promote? Here’s the place!

From candle-makers to movement teachers to accountants and more, our Stripcoven consists of so many talented women that you should always shop here first!

Upcoming retreats:

Beat the crowds and grab a spot at a StripRetreat with your besties from the internet!

Here, you can enjoy access to all upcoming retreats before the general public gets a chance. Want to join us as we party tits-out in mansions worldwide? Here’s your chance. Reserve your spot at one of the awesome retreats planned for Fall 2021 and beyond and give yourself something amazing to look forward to!

Stripcoven™ is bigger than simply a place for “sexy time with the ladies.”

It’s so much more than babes rolling around in thigh-highs–though it is that, too.

Stripcoven™ is a place where together, through a lovingly-planned, easy-to-follow curriculum, plus a supportive community of fellow women on a similar journey, we can seek sanctuary from toxic narratives that have absolutely run our lives for far too long.

How much of your creativity has been stifled, dampened, thrown in the garbage, because you were blocking the sensual, embodied aspect of yourself? Because you were punishing yourself, repressing yourself? Because you were drowning in narratives about your essential poisonousness?

Seriously. Sensuality and creativity are lovers. They cannot be pulled asunder, one from the other. Let us at last join them together and watch abundance unfold.

“As a newbie, my heart is so full being welcomed into this space–and my inner juices are flowing! I’ve already met some bold, sexy versions of myself that were buried deep…. I see you ladies showing up. Sharing. Being vulnerable. Flexing that resilience. Getting creative. Shattering through illusions. Not only am I inspired as fuck–I’m ready to truly evolve with you.”

– Lary

“Anyone who is drawn to Lux and wants to be vulnerable with their inner work is so strong, and I learn from all of you. I came to this group to explore my innermost desires and cracks…. My strength has grown because of you all showing up and Lux asking the questions that really made me listen to myself. We are all wildly capable of what we came here to do, and way more–and it is so exciting to imagine the levels of success we’re enjoying and will continue to create.”

– Desiree

“I just need to express how much love and admiration I have for Lux ATL and for every single woman in the Stripcoven. Quarantine has been fucking hard, but it would’ve been way worse without you babes and I love you so much. Thank you for seeing me and accepting me, shadow and all.”

– Jamye

“I have such respect for the women I just spent the last six weeks with. Thank you Lux ATL for the incredible space you created and hold for us. My quarantine would have been so much different without all of y’all, and I cherish this experience so much.”

– Lizzie

“Signing up for the Stripcovid courses with Lux has added almost indescribable value to my life. One of the biggest things it’s done for me (and a lot of us) is restore a small sense of normalcy to life in a time that feels like things will never be normal again. More than that–it’s allowed us to create and define our normal. To normalize a space in which we feel comfortable being our realest selves, sharing our darker sides, experiencing the power that comes from vulnerability. To feel and do and have it all, laughing and crying and dancing and loving. Stripcoven til the death of me.”

– Randi

Maybe you’re thinking…

Aren’t I being frivolous by exploring my sensuality, my art, my desires? There are more important things than my good time…

You’re being remiss to ignore these desires. Sensuality and creativity are lovers. Your secret dreams are the real you. All those “real life “ goals you have–career, family, and other ambitions–need fuel. At Stripcoven, we generate the fuel.

Okay, so maybe this work is important… but I can do it on my own!

Are you, though?

I don’t need another thing on my to-do list.

Sure–but I bet you’ve got an unhealthy habit or two that you could kick to make room for this practice.

How about spending the first ten minutes of your morning listening to a sermon of encouragement or bigging up your homegirls instead of hate-scrolling social media? How about you take a single hour a week to focus on your pleasure, enrichment, and growth–while socializing with the homies–at our Wednesday Fellowship gatherings? How about you get dressed up and feel sexy a few Fridays a month at the Homebound Hoedown? You’ll never regret time spent with the Stripcoven. It can only enrich your life. You are likely already spending this time unwisely on other things.

Redirect your energy–don’t deplete it.

“As we do the shadow work and walk into the darkness, remember your sisters are with you every step of the way. If you get too deep or stuck in a dark hole, we are here to pull you out, for at the end of every shadow is light.”

– Kiki

Stripcoven provides…

An outlet for women’s deep wisdom.

A safe space for sensual exploration.

A holy space to fill up your soul.

A stage for diverse voices.


The Stripcoven is committed to showcasing racially-diverse leaders, thinkers, and viewpoints. It is a space that enriches our understanding of the multiplicity of womanhood, and encourages conversation, sharing, collaboration, and honest conversations.

So…what are you waiting for?

“You’ve seen me post about my Friday Homebound Hoedown with Lux ATL–but what you don’t see is our Wednesdays together. Before the booty shaking, we do the deep emotional work. We feel all the feels, we ask ourselves groundbreaking questions that help us find closure and the courage to live authentically as fuck. It’s crazy how you can spend months going to therapy for something but a singular question from Mama Lux alongside pure honesty from tons of beautiful ladies can unearth whole sections of your life you gotta heal and feel. So when you see me posting flirty pics on a Friday, please know it’s more than that. It’s a celebration of life, loss, growth, empowerment, vulnerability, sexuality, determination and so much more.”

– Patience

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