Step into THE SALON

Cerebral. Tantalizing. Embodied. Impassioned.
Pursue your Dreams – and Bring Your Ideas to Reality — In Community. 

Come create a routine of creativity, sensuality, and pleasure in order to live a meaningful life NOW 

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    with Madame (Dr.) Lux as your hostess extraordinaire

    Stop Talking About What You’re Going to Do and Start Actually Doing It

    Quit Half-Ass ‘Manifesting’ Your Desires, and Start Building the F*ck Out of Them.

    No more talking about getting your sh*t together…hoping to write a book one day…planning to start a business…promising to start a movement practice… 

    • Forget doing the same thing over and over and wondering why you’re still not where you want to be…
    • The day is done for fantasizing about what could be rather than making it a REALITY…

    THE SALON is a digital space of inspiration, accountability, and community where members gather once a week to ACTUALLY WORK ON THEIR NUMBER ONE DREAM, whatever that may be.

    If “Real Life” has Subsumed Your Dreams and You Don’t Even Know What’s Possible Anymore…

    Gather in THE SALON to Reawaken Your Ambitions and Normalize Bad Bitch Behavior

    This may be the first time I’ve set and accomplished a clear goal, on purpose, with intentional steps taken along the way. Like in my whole life. Plenty of accomplishments there but me + goals were not friends. This is huge!

    – Blaize –

    Enrollment is now Closed for The Salon
    Get on the waitlist for when we next open doors!

      I’m so grateful for this program and community! An easily accessible and supportive community which gives grace when we need it and help to keep us motivated to work in our goals

      – Jessica Hatton –

      Look, I know things may not have turned out as you expected. Whether you’ve ever admitted it to anyone aloud or or not, you once had a grand vision for yourself — a yearning to show the world your gifts and talent. But now it’s starting to seem as if it will never happen. 

      Something went wrong somewhere, or maybe a whole lot of somethings, and now you feel like the cards are stacked against you. That great fire inside appears to be snuffed out, but the truth is it’s still smoldering within. 

      Deep down, way beneath the surface, you still have a hidden notion that you are a total badass goddess of divine order, but nobody would know it because…

      The boring, uninspired, lesser version of you has taken center stage in your daily existence. You don’t even recognize this blah bih in the mirror staring back at you. You want to kick her ass to the curb, but she’s taken over, and she’s resilient AF.  (Thank her for taking care of you, but she’s gotta go.)

      The Empty Platitudes End Here
      Trying to Talk Yourself Up is Over

      Instead? Let’s create evidence that YOU are WORTH believing in.

      Come Gather in THE SALON to…

      • Enter into a lifestyle of doing real shit to build your self-esteem — right now.
      • Inject pleasure and movement into your life — immediately.
      • Make this life fun and meaningful and magical — before it’s too late.

      You have to get on it, homie. Because here’s the thing…

      Your dreams aren’t getting the respect they deserve.

      And nobody gives a shit about something they think is lame. 

      So if you think you are lame, then you won’t give a shit about yourself. 


      You’ve Got to Get In The Habit of Giving a Shit About Who YOU Are and What YOU Want…and Doing Something About It

      WOW I felt so freaking amazing after the bad and boogie brunch! I felt so empowered, and supported and I am just incredibly grateful that I found this group of badasses. Lux’s talk kicked my ass, but reminded me I need to have that grit

      – Bianca –

      Enrollment is now Closed for The Salon
      Get on the waitlist for when we next open doors!

        Gather In THE SALON for Regular Inspiration + Accountability 

        Begin Doing Real Shit Right Now

        THE SALON gets your self-esteem up by challenging you to accomplish the goals that will give your life meaning and contribute your talent to the world. 


        Here’s how we do it…

        Members choose ONE BIG THING that they’re working on-–something that makes their heart sing, draws on their talents, and creates joy.

        Three Wednesdays a month at 8 pm ET and some Mondays at 3pm ET, the cohort comes together to “parallel play”–that is, enjoy fellowship together while also working on their Big Things alongside one another. (We call these meetups Salon Hours.)


        One Wednesday a month, the cohort gathers for a sensual, sassy hour of movement, lead in alternating sessions by “Best Stripper in Atlanta” Lux ATL and Salon Community Maven and former NBA dancer Desiree Nathanson.

        One Sunday a month, members come together to celebrate their wins (and shake their tail feathers) at a Bad and Bougie Brunch!

        Your Community Maven

        Desiree Nathanson

        Desiree is a dear friend of Lux and has been managing communities since high school:

        “After graduating and moving to Atlanta, I became an Atlanta Hawks dancer and served as a captain for three of my six years on the team. I have managed, choreographed, and directed numerous performances around Atlanta involving anywhere from 5 people to 200 people.
        Some of the biggest performances include a flashmob at Perimeter Mall and the Atlanta Hawks Alumni Halftime Show Performance.
        It is in my soul to lead and foster relationships while helping people solve problems and feel better about themselves”


        Want to write that book, or learn karate, or master meditation? Gather in The Salon for the inspiration, accountability, and scheduled commitment necessary for you to finally start making shit happen for yourself.   

        Your ONE BIG THING could be…

        • Creating an important work of art
        • Developing new technologies
        • Crafting brilliant philosophies
        • Learning Spanish, or ballet, or guitar
        • Starting your own homeschool
        • Streamlining and upleveling your laundry game

        Become a Better Person By Surrounding Yourself With Better People

        Your ONE BIG THING is 100% up to you and you alone. No judgment, only encouragement and celebration. The only requirements are that it makes your heart sing, draws on your talents, and creates joy. It needs to be something you deeply desire.

        We will help guide you in fashioning this One Big Thing into bite-sized, time-bound, totally-achievable steps that get you steadily closer to your grand vision. Don’t worry–we will take this one baby step at a time…until you look up one day, and are amazed at how far you’ve come–by simply showing up for yourself, again and again. 

        I know this method works–because I live it. I became a world-renowned dancer this way. I built the entire Lux ATL empire this way. I produced my hit podcast Stripcast this way. I wrote and published a memoir…this way. And now I’m doing it again, alongside you, as I bring my next great work of art into fruition with my award-winning new podcast series, Hookergate

        When you join THE SALON, your job is to show up and step up for yourself and the other members of the community in fellowship. Do that, and watch your life change.

        The people you spend time with mean everything. What you witness others around you attempt and accomplish, becomes what you believe is possible for yourself. The behavior and habits of your peers deeply affect what you think is normal, reasonable, and desirable.

        Remember, we’re normalizing bad bitch behavior in The Salon, and we’ll accept nothing less from you.

        (Expressed interest in being guest for panel) My experience in the Salon has been everything I needed and dreamt it would be AND MORE. That’s not meant to sound gimmick-y, it’s just the gospel truth. I joined the salon during a chapter of life when I was the most burnt out I have ever been and my dream of working on my dream to get out of that rut was fading.

        The Salon has connected me to a community of humans who are also dreaming, scheming, and having fun along the way. Since joining the Salon, I have kept myself accountable to stay on track, reroute, and keep putting one foot in front of – or at least next to – the other toward crafting the life I want because I f’n deserve to live my dream. Each week, we come together and work and get real about what’s getting in our way, going on, and going great.

        – Kim L –

        Enrollment is now Closed for The Salon
        Get on the waitlist for when we next open doors!

          What you WANT is birthed into the world by what you DO.

          At The Salon we know that a life solely of the mind is not enough for a fulfilled, joyful life. THE BODY MUST COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE.

          ​A note from Madame (Dr.) Lux, your hostess extraordinaire

          The salons of old were a place for discourse, cerebral and sometimes playful conversation –the mind at play with ideas.

          But after years of touring the world teaching sensual movement, as well as leading thousands of women online in a sensual movement, I have seen with my own eyes the effect that adopting a practice of embodying desire has on women’s overall quality of life. 

          These women think they are hotter when they dance–and feeling sexy is a deep human need, not a petty wish. Their bodies become stronger and more flexible. 

          These women feel more confident in other areas of their lives because they feel like a badass while under strip lights in their bedroom mirror. And because of these feelings, these women have more energy and desire to pursue great things. 

          When you feel good about yourself, you believe in yourself. Only when you believe in yourself can you finally do that thing you’ve been dreaming of doing.   

          At  THE SALON, we recognize that being in your body–dancing, moving, expressing yourself–is a generator for creativity, pleasure, and self-esteem. 

          So for one of our Wednesday meetings each month, I will lead members in a sensual movement routine that will surely become second nature to you in no time. You can expect to learn something new and exciting every time we hit the dance floor together! 

          Take a tour of THE SALON:

          (Wednesdays and some Mondays | 3+ per month | 60 min parallel play | 30 min small group discussions):

          Gathering to play, create, and have meaningful conversation has been fundamental to the success of salons for centuries. In these weekly meet-ups, Madame Lux or Desiree and your fellow badasses deliver the inspiration, accountability, and scheduled commitment necessary for you to finally start making shit happen for yourself on the regular. 

          You’ll spend an hour enjoying fellowship together while also working on your Big Things alongside one another—like virtual co-working, but more fun! And you’ll have 30 minutes to connect, chat, and update each other on your progress.  

          (Wednesday | 1X per month | 50 min instruction + dance)

          At The Salon, we recognize that being in your body–dancing, moving, expressing yourself–is a generator for creativity, pleasure, and self-esteem. So for one Wednesday meeting each month, Madame Lux will lead members in a sensual movement routine that will surely become second nature to you in no time. Sections of this movement practice are deliberately simple and repetitive for ease of incorporation into your own daily practice. You can also expect to learn something new and exciting every time we hit the dance floor together!   

          (Days vary | 50 minutes | lecture + Q&A)

          At various times throughout the month, we welcome guests with curiosity and appreciation. 

          At The Salon, we immerse ourselves in knowledge, value expertise and mastery, and reject anti-intellectualism. Whether book-knowledge, street-wise wisdom, or carefully crafted skills, we honor those who are willing to share their lessons with us. You’ll be able to take what’s helpful and integrate it into your work and leave behind what doesn’t resonate.

          Some of our 2022 guest experts included Shonda (The Hairy Vegan), Gala Darling, Wendi Mclendon-Covey, Carmine Black, and Danyelle Thomas. 

          (Pre-recorded video/audio | 15 min)

          There’s so much to learn and experience at The Salon. Facilitated by Madame Lux and Desiree with contributions from fellow members, you’ll be able to tap into lessons and delightful experiences to expand your mind and open yourself up to endless possibilities.

          (Sundays | 1X per month | 90 min)

          At The Salon, we prioritize pleasure. The acquisition of your dreams should be fun because if you are not having fun, you will not maintain commitment. That’s why one Sunday a month, we will gather for a Bad and Bougie Brunch to dance, laugh, and celebrate our wins…and enjoy a tasty meal you’ve cooked for yourself based upon the recommended menu and recipe provided by Madame Lux.

          (24/7 via the Circle Community Platform)

          At The Salon, we believe that the people you surround yourself with play a major role in the person you become, and this digital age, that includes immersing yourself in strong virtual community. Therefore, The Salon cultivates an online community of doers who accomplish impressive feats–one step at a time. 

          You will connect with women who are smart, tenacious, and visionary, women who get back up when they fall, women who dream big and execute even bigger, and women who have fun, all the while. And you’ll be fully supported by a badass community manager committed to building, maintaining, fostering, and protecting the relationship between members.

          Enrollment is now Closed for The Salon
          Get on the waitlist for when we next open doors!

            The Salon Bonuses

            Homebound Hoedown
            (Quarterly | 2 hours)

            These lit-ass parties never fail to thrill! Join Madame Lux and The Salon crew quarterly for a two-hour-long, uproarious sexy dance party in which we don our finest lingerie, bounce our asses, and throw compliments–and dollars. You never know what guests Madame Lux may bring–or if it’s your turn at Tip Rail, hubba hubba!–so you won’t want to miss these wild nights!

            Q&A with Madame Lux
            (bi-monthly via Circle)

            Yes, you’ll have access to one-on-one attention from Madame Lux. These sessions will take place asynchronously, in our private Circle community. You’ll have the opportunity to post your burning questions or request feedback on your ONE BIG THING (or anything) and then Lux will answer the posted questions.

            The Salon has helped me find solidarity and community as I work through my One Big Thing! It’s a great way to have accountability and get support when struggling with goals. I feel less alone and can get helpful ideas.

            – Jennifer G –


            You’ll get:

            • Weekly Wednesday and some Monday Salon Hours (including one Movement Hour dance session per month)
            • Welcome Hour Guest Expert Sessions every month
            • Pre-recorded Student Sessions
            • Bad and Bougie Brunch one Sunday per month
            • Access to The Salon private online community
            • Early access to all LuxATL retreats
            • An unforgettable experience
            • BONUS: Quarterly Homebound Hoedown
            • BONUS: Q&A with Madame Lux bimonthly

            Monthly Membership: $35, billed monthly
            Annual Membership: $350

            From groundbreaking artists, to technological innovators, to moms molding the future generation–people do great things every day. Those people–might as well be us. 

            At THE SALON…

            We support members in the achievement of goals that will give their lives greater meaning and bring their passions to the forefront. 

            We privilege action over theory. 

            We promote an embodied approach to creating meaning in our lives. 


            At The Salon, we prioritize pleasure. 

            We believe that the people you surround yourself with play a major role in the person you become.  


            On Diversity

            The Salon is committed to showcasing racially-diverse leaders, thinkers, and viewpoints. It is a space that enriches our understanding of the multiplicity of womanhood, and encourages conversation, sharing, collaboration, and honest conversations.

            How is this different from Stripcoven, the Sanctuary?

            The primary differences between the Sanctuary model and The Salon model are as follows:

            • At The Salon, we have a sharper focus on our members achieving One Big Thing–that is, one specific goal at a time–in order to make our lives more meaningful and impactful on the wider world.
            • At The Salon, we will continue with our 90 minute Wednesday meetings (now called “Salon Hours”); but instead of Lux teaching a new lesson each week, members will use this time for both fellowship and sustained attention to their One Big Thing. Wednesdays are one night a week you can commit to what matters most to you.
            • At The Salon, members will benefit from monthly guest speakers/instructors from outside of the community, as well as member speakers from within.
            Oh shit, I don’t have a “goal.” Will The Salon serve me?

            Homie, you ought to have a goal. Even if it’s a bite-sized goal. If you are not propelling yourself forward, you will stagnate and feel rotten. The Salon will give you the push you need to get serious about creating a life you love. At our very first Salon Hours, we will guide and encourage those members who don’t have a goal yet–into the formulation of their One Big Thing. I promise, you will come up with something achievable and meaningful within that very first Salon Hour session. And once you start taking action in this way–real shit happens in your life very quickly.

            What kind of goals will people have?

            All members will be encouraged to have a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant to their values, and time-bound by a deadline. Beyond those commonalities, expect goals to vary widely. You may wish to learn basic conversational Spanish in time for your trip to Mexico in May. You may wish to achieve the splits by June as a part of your larger journey to becoming an excellent dancer.

            Perhaps you want to incorporate your side hustle into a serious business by November. Maybe you want to start a side hustle by March. Hell, maybe you’ve been working your ass off and want to spend three weeks fully relaxing. That is also a valid goal. Members’ goals should be small enough to accomplish in a reasonable amount of time with a challenging-though-not-impossible amount of effort, and serve as smaller building blocks making up the bigger picture of a meaningful life for you.

            What happens when I achieve my goal?

            Buddy, you move on to the next one. By the way, if you need a break in between major projects, just remember that your goal can always be: take actual time off and relax. That is an admirable and necessary goal for all of us from time to time. During these much-needed breaks, you can utilize your weekly Salon Hours to pamper yourself.

            I’m afraid to commit to myself in this way. Should I?

            Bro, you already know. If your goal doesn’t scare you, it ain’t big enough. You’re capable. Do the hard thing. Every ascension to the next level begins and ends with hard things. Commit to yourself. It’s your responsibility. You write your own life. 

            Can I cancel anytime?

            There are no refunds on membership fees already paid but you can cancel anytime and retain access until the end of your current billing cycle.

            Want to try The Salon out before committing to an annual membership? Sign up for a monthly membership and you can upgrade to annual whenever you’re ready!

            Help! I'm trying to sign up and it says I have an account or have been deactivated.

            We got you! If you’re getting an error message, you likely have (or had) a Circle account at some point in the past under that email address. Circle is the platform we use to host The Salon — if you were ever a part of Sanctuary, you definitely had an account at one point. You may also have an existing Circle account for another community or program you participate in.

            So, all you need to do is sign in first and then go back to pay.


            If you get an error message saying you’ve been deactivated, email us at and we’ll get you sorted!