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A half-orphan, the town slut, unlovable by all. The one the boys liked enough to touch, but not enough to claim. Hands clasped in the dark of closets, but not in the hallway at school. Did you know you can get paid for touching boys in closets?

Saddled with a bad reputation, grieving the death of her father, navigating a hostile world of religiosity, hypocrisy, and abuse, Lindsay escapes her ramshackle hometown of Evilland, Virginia, looking for redemption in all the wrong places.

Journey across sweat-soaked stages dotted with wadded dollars and the dreams of a thousand women, to the hallowed halls of the ivory tower where florescent lights and tenured dinosaurs reign, to find out how one woman straddling worlds learns to love herself, despite all odds. 

Speaking with realness, rawness, and relatability, Too Pretty To Be Good is a love letter written directly from the heart of a woman to the people she’s loved beforeincluding, finally, herself. Anyone looking to find and forgive themselves regardless of their pasts should look no further than this book. Too Pretty To Be Good teaches us that we are whole and worthy in spite ofin fact, because ofwho and where we’ve been before.

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